Monday, January 5, 2015

Fredrickson Family Fun

Our first family get together after moving back to Utah was with the Fredrickson side. We celebrated my Grammy Great's birthday and got to pick some beautiful pumpkins from Grammy and Grandpa Great's yard.

Norah's second pinata went over much better than her first.

 Cousins and second cousins - lots of friends.

We got to experience a fun (and warm) Utah October. There's a neat little corn maze/pumpkin patch near my parents' house. I remember dressing Norah the day of these following pictures thinking she'd probably need at least a jacket but realized too late that she probably would have been fine in shorts. I also remember being annoyingly nauseous that day, too. Ugh. I'm afraid all of my pictures from my first trimester are forever going to be tainted with thoughts of pregnancy sickness.

This place had the coolest, and a little crazy, homemade slide. I was sure Norah would never want to do it on her own, but, by the end, she couldn't get enough of it. I still wasn't comfortable enough sending her down on her own, but Lola proved to be a good cousin/niece and took her down a couple times.

Max and Lola

 Norah and me

 Carrie and Hugh

 And, my absolute favorite, when my mom took both Hugh and Norah. They loved it (take a look at Norah's face in the bottom right picture)!

They also had this "train," a 4-wheeler pulling these cutout barrels. We must have got up to a whopping 2 miles an hour.

 Either we were very bad at following the trail, or the trail was poorly marked, because we ended up busting our way out of the side when we couldn't figure out how to get out.

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