Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

Two weeks ago, we decided we needed to go to Disneyland, so we bought tickets and were off within a week. We planned to leave Monday morning and drive all day. That was the plan until Sunday, when right after church we realized we couldn't wait any longer, and made another last minute decision to leave Sunday night and drive all through the night (Rich is really good at this, although I am proud of my midnight to 3 AM shift) so we could spend Monday at the beach. Good decisions.

Funny story. We were so eager to leave that we left too early. We planned on staying with our friend Chad's parents in Long Beach, so we called and asked when the earliest we should call them would be. 8 AM. Well, we got to Long Beach around 6:30... obviously too early. Well, I wanted to see the beach right away and we had time to waste, so we drove straight there. But not to a pretty beach. A gross one right by the LA port. The water was gray and the sand was yucky. But we made it to the beach. Still, we had another hour before we could call the Durhams.... So we slept in the car right by the road, as runners and dog owners and homeless people walked by us, probably wondering what on earth we were doing.

Monday we went to Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. It was too cold to really get into the water, but it was fun to be there. Perhaps the best thing was seeing dolphins off the pier, and a seal playing right below us. We had just missed the US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach. That would have been fun to see.

Tuesday was Disneyland, and Wednesday was California Adventure, plus more Disneyland. I was afraid we wouldn't have enough time to do everything, but we worked a good schedule around the Fast Passes and did more than everything. Favorite ride - Space Mountain, which we rode 5 times.

There are lots of pictures in the slideshow, but I couldn't narrow them down.

Thanks again to the Durhams for letting us stay with them - we felt so taken care of!

And finally, I feel I must share this picture, even if it means embarrassing myself. This is from one of our coaster rides. Don't mind the poor quality - we were too cheap to buy it so this is a picture of the picture from Rich's phone. I am doing what we call the horse face, and this camera caught it at pretty much the perfect moment. I hope you enjoy:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mr. August

Rich's picture is featured for the month of August in this year's BYU athletic calendar. He's Mr. August, you might say.

(Why yes that does say Disneyland on our calendar. I'm so excited!)