Friday, April 25, 2014

Boredom Busters

I feel like the theme of our lives right now (at least Norah's and my life) has been working to fight off boredom. I admit I'm not the funnest mom out there, so I'm having a hard time coming up with things to do. Yes, the weather's getting warmer, and that has helped. But we still have one major limitation - no car during the day. I can't just take Norah to the park to help run off some energy, and I can only go on so many walks in our little woods.

Some of the hardest times to fight the boredom come when Rich is out of town. Ironically, that's when I actually have a car to use, too.

While Daddy's in California doing this:

I'm back at home fighting this:

We went through a pretty grumpy phase a couple weeks ago, where there were lots of tantrums and tears, and I think a lot of them were from boredom. Luckily, we're over that (for now, at least), but I don't think it's because I was so amazing at coming up with things to do. I am definitely open for any suggestions!

Anyway, here's another picture (and video) overload of things I've missed putting up the past couple weeks, including some ways we've been fighting the boredom.

 Norah's new trick in the bathtub.

Remember that photo book I was so excited about, the one I accidentally shipped to my parents? Well, we finally got it, and Norah absolutely loves it. What almost-2-year-old wouldn't love a book all about her? 

 This is how I fought my own boredom during one of Rich's trips. My friend Chelsea inspired me to make some fabric bows for my little girl, which resulted in me completely filling up Norah's bow board.

We make many trips to the mall when Rich is out of town. This picture is from Old Navy, where she discovered her own way of riding on the stroller.

She's been working on her throw.

I forgot to post this from our trip to Bowl and Pitcher. I love watching a toddler run.

We had an absolutely gorgeous day earlier this month, where we didn't even need jackets at the park. I'm ready for more of those. 

 More rock collecting. Combined with another one of her favorite things, making a train.

It's so funny seeing a toddler figure out how to jump. She's just started getting her feet all the way off the ground.

 One day, I actually ventured into the world of play-dough making. This recipe only required conditioner and corn starch. It smelled really good, but it wasn't exactly the best for playing. Don't worry, though - the Easter bunny brought some of the real stuff.

Rich said she looked like a little mad scientist in the picture on the right.

We attempted to take baby and her stroller for a walk one sunny day, but Norah didn't enjoy it as much as I thought she would. We ended up back in the woods, like usual. (She was actually trying to smile for this picture, but it was too sunny. For once, that's not a pout face.) 

 Back in the woods, collecting more rocks.

Okay, I really love how this skirt for Norah turned out. I found this super awesome tutorial last year and have made lots of skirts with it. But this blue seersucker fabric makes it beyond adorable. I think this may be my greatest Pinterest find ever. 

We went to a track meet at Spokane Falls Community College a couple weeks ago. Friday night, there was only the 10k, so it was super laidback. Norah got to do some fun exploring.

Familiarizing herself with the steeplechase barrier. Maybe she'll take after her daddy and Aunt Andrea and learn how to dominate this race. 

Surprise! She found more rocks!

 Some post-nap time selfies

Yeah, my child talks to the vacuum. And when the vacuum is not out, she talks on the phone to the vacuum. We need to get out more.

This is one of Norah's absolute favorite things. Cuddles after bath time. She never snuggles like she does after her bath. The best. (Ignore the pained look on Rich's face. I'm not sure why he's doing that.)

I recently got released from Young Women (which was my dream calling, so I'm still recovering from being released), but they asked me to help out with this fun Where's Waldo mutual at the mall. Norah and I hung out at the play place, and all of the groups had to come find us (along with lots of other people from the ward). That's me in the top left corner (I borrowed the shirt and glasses from my friend Beth).
I stole these pictures from my friend Marissa's Facebook page. Glad she was able to get some fun pictures!

Norah thought the glasses were pretty fun.

I told Norah we could watch Despicable Me 2 after her nap one day, and she started chanting "Mi-mas. Mi-mas. Mi-mas." (Mi-mas = minions.) I kept the last part of her drinking her milk on there because she's so dramatic about it, and I love that.

 Sorry to display some of my underclothes, but this was just too funny. Note to self: never leave your smelly, sweaty running clothes sitting out.

I understand if you're sick of the videos by now, but I had to put these next two up because I love how she reads stories to herself.
Here, she's reading "I Am a Kitten." Apparently the only word you need to know for this book is "meow."

And this is "I Am a Monster," featuring several of Sesame Street's favorites. I love how many of the names she knows, even though we don't do much Sesame Street here (except Elmo, and he's not even in this book). It's funny to see what words she remembers from when I read it to her.

This past weekend, my friend Kristin brought over this beautiful Easter lily, simply because she thought I could use it. She was right. That made my whole day. 

 We went over to our friends' house this past Monday for dinner and some marshmallow roasting. Yet again, I realized how much Norah needs to learn to share, as she constantly took the adorable Grayson's toys and threw a fit if he got too close (because she thought he was going to take them back). Sigh. We've got our work cut out for us.

 I attempted to get a real smile out of her yesterday. Fail.

 And I'll end with this mischievous smile. She's definitely a keeper.