Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 20th-April 2nd

(I'm still trying to figure out how to organize my posts. I can't decide what I like better.)

There's been a little delay in posts recently because last week I got hit hard with some bug (again). I thought it was some kind of food poisoning, until I learned about half of our ward had the same thing. Luckily, Rich and Norah stayed healthy through it because it was a doozy!

In the past 2 weeks, Rich and I both got released from our church callings, Rich from 11-year-old scouts and as the Valiant 11 teacher and me from Young Women. Rich had been in his calling for 3 years (basically since we moved here), and I was in mine for 2 years, so I guess the change wasn't too surprising. Also, we both had Wednesday-night callings, which has difficult for a while with Norah. Now, Rich is the Cub Scout committee chair, and I am the CTR 4 teacher. I was pretty bummed about being released from Young Women, but I know they need the help in primary. I think this class has had a sub for several months.

I think I may have come up with a solution for Norah's falling asleep issues (i.e., it takes her an hour to fall asleep on a good day for both nap and bedtime). We've noticed that if you go in to quiet her down, she immediately dives for the pillow and says, "Shhhhh!" So, she knows she should be sleeping. A couple days ago, after she had already been in her bed for an hour and a half for nap time, I decided to try cracking the door and standing where she could see me. She knew I was there, but I didn't talk to her. She fell on her pillow, calmed right down, and was asleep within 10 minutes. I wasn't sure if that was a fluke, since she had already had so long to fall asleep, so I tried it again yesterday. I gave a her a few minutes to play, then I opened her door and tucked her back in. Then I left her room, cracked her door, and sat on the floor where she could still catch a glimpse of me. If she started to talk, I quietly shushed her. She was asleep within half an hour! And, with the same routine today, she was asleep within 15 minutes! Hallelujah! It's not exactly ideal, but it's so much better than having her talk for 2 hours and then sleep too late so she's not tired for bedtime. Plus, I've had to put aside 3-4 hours for nap time, instead of 2, and that gets annoying if you want to actually leave the house after nap time. I like this much better.

 Rich went to Eugene, OR, two weeks ago, so Norah and I hit up the Valley Mall. I actually got a car nap out of her, too! I purposely took twice as long to get home, and then stayed in the car for another 20 minutes, and it was worth it!

My first attempt at Norah pigtails. It was cute for about 10 minutes, until half of it fell out and the hair band broke. I think I need to wait a little longer.

 We helped Poppa Nelson celebrate his birthday.

Kind of an awkward picture, but I wanted to show Norah's new bows! We finally got our bow order from Bloomies Handmade, and I absolutely love them!

 Norah's first car wash. Not a fan.

At what would be my last mutual, we had a surprise baby shower for Sister Ferre, where the girls gave gifts of service and planned fun baby shower games for us all to play.

 Norah also got a fantastic haircut from Jessica Crippen. She absolutely loved everything about it, from the cape to the fun lifty chair. Now, she no longer has a mullet! I thought it would always be there until the front hair caught up to the back, but this looks so much better!

This was taken the day I was sick. Norah was a champ for me that day. She quietly watched TV and played with her toys while I dozed on the couch. Luckily, Rich got home early that day. That helped a lot,

Norah has started sleeping with a pillow lately, but sometimes she'd rather use it as a blanket.

Rich did a 15.5-mile run on Saturday, and this was his post-run snack. Wheat Thins with peanut butter and honey, grapes, Gatorade, and jelly beans. But I think the best part of it was how he ate it on Norah's little table.

I just love the words Norah uses to tell a story.

 Baseball season has begun. The Mariners have won their first 3 games. This had better not be a fluke. Rich deserves for them to win.

 This is how breakfast usually goes. Norah gets to lounge in her chair while watching Disney Junior.

Norah got to have a play date while I sewed with my friend Jessica de Groat. Well, saying "sewed" is a bit generous - we really just talked. 

We went to Riverfront Park on Monday to see the Falls with all of the spring runoff.

We also hit up a park, where an older gentleman thought Norah was a boy. Her outfit was a little lacking in pink that day, so I can understand the mix-up. I need to make better use of all her bows!

A different day, a different park. The weather has been GORGEOUS here (sorry, all of my Utah and South Dakota peeps), so we've been outside as much as possible lately. I think Spokane has seen the last of the snow for the season (although I hope I didn't just jinx us).

And we will close with a display of Norah's musical ability. I especially love how she now sings along.

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