Saturday, May 29, 2010

We're Going to Oregon!

Last night, Rich ran in the NCAA West Region Championships in Austin, Texas, and had an awesome race. The top 3 runners in each heat of the steeplechase qualified for Nationals, and then the top 3 times after that, coming to a total of 12 runners from each region. Rich ran in the final heat and knew what he had to do to qualify for Nationals. So, don't worry, he decided to win the race and have the fastest time of the day.

It was a really fun race to watch. I was at my parents' house in Ogden, and we had a lot of family over for dinner: my aunt and 3 of her boys from Arizona (plus my cousin's friend who joined them for the trip), Grandma and Grandpa Burnham, and my brother Tyson and his wife Krystle and their baby Khloe. We all crammed into my dad's small study and crowded around 3 computers to watch the race (a grand total of 13 people - a tight fit). It got so loud in there as we were all yelling and clapping and cheering for Nelly. And it was well worth it!

I talked to Rich a little bit later about the race, and he told me something funny. The guy with the fastest time going into Regions was Hillary Bor from Iowa State. He was at the front for all of this race, and Rich caught up to him with around a lap and a half to go. He was debating about whether it was enough to just qualify or if he should try to pass Bor at the end. At the last water jump (a little over a 1/4 of a lap to the finish line), Rich noticed that Bor was missing a shoe. Rich's pride kicked in, and he wasn't going to let a guy with one shoe beat him. Rich pushed in front (at this point the floors and walls were shaking in my dad's study from all of the cheering) and won the race.

Rich got an interview with the Flotrack guys after the race. You should watch it. Don't mind that fact that he is drenched in sweat. Give him a break - Texas is HOT and HUMID, and he just won a race. You can see Hillary Bor in background of the video, still wearing only one shoe.

So now, Rich is going to Eugene, Oregon (Track Town, USA), for Nationals and a shot at the national steeplechase title.

But wait, this post is called "We're Going to Oregon," and by we I do not mean Rich only. I get to go with him to cheer him on! Sweet! I am so excited that I get to be there! Rich's parents (and sister Andrea, too, I think) will be joining us as well. We're looking forward to a great week in Eugene.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rich (Plus 30 Pounds)

One of Rich's old mission companion just sent him some pictures from their mission in Vina del Mar, Chile. As soon as Rich opened the email with said photos, he practically shouted, "Man, I was fat!" Yes, fat for Rich is a relative term. He was never HUGE, just much bigger than he is now. Hard to imagine? Here's the proof:

Notice how forced his smile looks. It's like he has to force the smile around the chub (he pointed this out to me).

He told me he probably gained 40 pounds in fat and lost most of his muscle weight. I've always known Rich as a skinny distance runner, so these pictures were quite a shock! I don't feel bad about posting them because he's definitely lost the fat and gained the muscle again. Plus, everyone needs to see his missionary hair. Love you, honey!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This past weekend were the Mountain West Conference Track and Field Championships in Albuquerque, and Rich's parents helped get me to the meet this year. (Thank you so much!) It was well worth the trip. Plus, it was my first time in New Mexico. Add another one to my list of states visited!

The steeplechase was on Friday, and it was the first race of the meet. It would have been nice to compete early, except the wind was blowing about 30 mph all day. Still, despite less than ideal conditions, Rich was able to take first place! Two years ago at the MWC Championships he got third, last year second, and this year first. He now has a medal from this meet in every color!

About to win the race

Rich and teammate Ryan Merriman, finishing one right after the other. I think this is such as cool shot. These two really had to work together with the wind.

Look at the BYU on that stand. 1st - Rich, 2nd - Merriman, 4th - Reagan Frey, 6th - Josh Adams.

The steeplechasers and Coach Eyestone

Right after the race, and my hair is going crazy in the wind

Both the BYU men's and women's teams won the team title (not really a surprise). Here's some pictures of the celebration.

The winners

Rich, Merriman, and Jon Kotter (he medaled in the 10K) with the team trophy

Overall, an awesome weekend for BYU and for Mr. Nelson. Next up, the West Regional meet with this year's ridiculous format for going to nationals. We'll keep you posted!

Saul Gets Married

Rich's former roommate, Saul Howard, got married earlier this month, and Rich and I got to go. His bride, Jade, was beautiful, and I loved her style for the wedding. Great colors, and awesome bridesmaid bouquets. Plus, Tucanos catered the dinner (I LOVE the grilled pineapple).

These pictures are from a while ago, but I still wanted to post them.

Don't they just look so happy?!

Rich would not take a good picture...