Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rich (Plus 30 Pounds)

One of Rich's old mission companion just sent him some pictures from their mission in Vina del Mar, Chile. As soon as Rich opened the email with said photos, he practically shouted, "Man, I was fat!" Yes, fat for Rich is a relative term. He was never HUGE, just much bigger than he is now. Hard to imagine? Here's the proof:

Notice how forced his smile looks. It's like he has to force the smile around the chub (he pointed this out to me).

He told me he probably gained 40 pounds in fat and lost most of his muscle weight. I've always known Rich as a skinny distance runner, so these pictures were quite a shock! I don't feel bad about posting them because he's definitely lost the fat and gained the muscle again. Plus, everyone needs to see his missionary hair. Love you, honey!


  1. haha... this reminds me of a funny memory. So prior to Rich coming home from the mish the whole fam was making a big deal about how much weight Rich had gained. I have to admit I was kinda expecting a blimp to come off the plane. So you can imagine my surprise when a perfectly normal and thin Rich stepped off the plane. I decided the family was crazy. But after seeing him in his running body I guess I understand where they were coming from!

  2. I wish I could gain 40 pounds and still not look fat. Chad actually gained weight on his mission too. Can you even imagine? :)

  3. This post made me laugh. =) Yeah, Rich is skinny.