Friday, July 26, 2013

She Can Walk!

She's not exclusive yet, but, by golly, Norah can walk!



Norah really started getting the hang of it while we were in Utah, and especially on the houseboat at Lake Powell, of all the unlikely places. She still mostly crawls, but it's fun to see her remember when she knows how to walk. All of a sudden she'll stand herself up and (still unsteadily) walk on over. She looks so proud of herself, with a big cheesy grin. I usually give her lots of praise to encourage the walking, and then she'll get a little overexcited and usually end up falling down. Still a work in progress, but this girl finally walks!

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

Can I just say that Utah really knows how to celebrate the 4th of July, and Spokane really does not. In Utah, practically every town has at least some kind of 4th of July parade and festivities, my favorites being North Ogden's Cherry Days and Provo's Freedom Festival. The atmosphere is contagious, and there's something fun for even the littlest of littles. Spokane has nothing even close to that. Boring.

And there are no fireworks allowed in the county limits. I understand the safety issue and the fire hazard (even though this is the inland northwest, not exactly the desert), but I'm not asking for anything huge. Just little on the ground ones would suffice. Or even sparklers (nope, not even sparklers are allowed). Heck, Rich and I couldn't even find Pop-Its. The only fireworks option is the city show, which starts around 10 PM, and that was fun when we didn't have a baby. But you try taking a baby with a 7:30 bedtime along to something like that, and let me know how it goes.

So, our 4th of July was a little lame this year. We thought it would be fun to bring Norah to the splash pad again, but it was cooler this time, and breezy. She didn't last long until she was shivering.

We had our little BBQ, and that was delicious. Plus, there was watermelon. There is nothing quite as satisfying as that perfect bite of perfectly ripe, red watermelon. Mmmmmm. (Norah has inherited my love of watermelon. Atta girl!)

We did get to see some glimpses of the city firework show. We're up on a hill, so through a gap in the trees and buildings around us, we saw a little of the show (from far, far away). But since we didn't really get to see the show, we watch "The Sandlot" instead. Nothing much more American than that, right? I love that even though I've grown up watching that movie, it still makes me laugh.

Sorry, this post was more of a rant. But I'm just a little bummed about it. Moral of the story: Don't spend Independence Day in Spokane. Get to Utah if you can.

I made it through this least exciting of Independence Days knowing that soon I would be in Utah and eventually at my heaven on earth, Lake Powell.

But let's face it, you probably just wanted to see pictures of Norah, anyway. And, as I'm sure you've noticed, I love showing her off!

She's definitely got her Daddy's smile.

(She's picked up the glare again.)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Splash Pad

The only experience Norah has really had with water so far is bath time and when it comes from her sippy cup. Since we're going to Lake Powell for a week with my family this summer, Rich and I decided we needed to do something to get her a little more comfortable.

Plus, it's in the 100s here in Spokane. I know, no big deal for the Utahns and Arizonians out there, but with no air conditioning, it's been killer.

So, we went out and bought Norah's very first swim diapers and headed to the local splash pad. I was expecting at least a little meltdown, but it actually went really well! The water was freezing, even if it was 100 degrees outside, but Norah didn't seem to mind.

I don't know what Rich was looking at - I was the only camera here.

We'd get Norah a little wet, and she would kind of gasp because it was cold. So we'd take her away, and then she'd point at it to do it again.

Norah didn't LOVE it, but she also didn't cry, which is much more than I expected.

In other Norah news, we cannot get her to walk. She took 4 steps today, her new PR. But she's so content with crawling (and she's so fast at it), that we don't think she'll ever walk. She throws a fit if you try to get her to practice. She'll walk her stroller around and stand on her own for longer than a non-walker should, but she doesn't want to walk. Honestly, I think my goal now is just to have her walking before preschool.