Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Splash Pad

The only experience Norah has really had with water so far is bath time and when it comes from her sippy cup. Since we're going to Lake Powell for a week with my family this summer, Rich and I decided we needed to do something to get her a little more comfortable.

Plus, it's in the 100s here in Spokane. I know, no big deal for the Utahns and Arizonians out there, but with no air conditioning, it's been killer.

So, we went out and bought Norah's very first swim diapers and headed to the local splash pad. I was expecting at least a little meltdown, but it actually went really well! The water was freezing, even if it was 100 degrees outside, but Norah didn't seem to mind.

I don't know what Rich was looking at - I was the only camera here.

We'd get Norah a little wet, and she would kind of gasp because it was cold. So we'd take her away, and then she'd point at it to do it again.

Norah didn't LOVE it, but she also didn't cry, which is much more than I expected.

In other Norah news, we cannot get her to walk. She took 4 steps today, her new PR. But she's so content with crawling (and she's so fast at it), that we don't think she'll ever walk. She throws a fit if you try to get her to practice. She'll walk her stroller around and stand on her own for longer than a non-walker should, but she doesn't want to walk. Honestly, I think my goal now is just to have her walking before preschool.

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