Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Never Thought the Day Would Come

No offense to my brother Skyler (not that he'll even read this anyway), but it's true.

My family waited a long time for it to happen, but my big brother Skyler finally tied the knot, and, Courtney (you brave, brave woman), I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law. (I promise I really do love love LOVE my brother.)

We went to Utah a few weeks ago to witness this bwessed awwangement. Man, how I miss it there. Spokane is nice and it's absolutely wonderful being around the Nelson clan here (Doug, Edie, the Dre for now, and pretty soon the Petersens). But I can't deny how much I miss Utah and all those people we left behind. I had a hard time leaving it again.

I just wanted to share a few pictures from Skyler and Courtney's special day (well, week). She was the most beautiful bride, and I have NEVER seen Skyler as happy as he was when he was holding her hand and showing her off (and that definitely made my sister and I cry like the babies we are). He is a lucky guy, and we are so lucky to have her in our family.

Max absolutely adores Uncle Rich. It's so stinkin' cute!

I am loving this laugh face. 

The Fredrickson girls at the temple right before the ceremony.

Okay, so funny story. I knew that one of my best friends from Kentucky that I have known since I was 7 was getting married the same day as Skyler and Courtney, I just didn't know when. Turns out, she got married at the EXACT same time in the ROOM NEXT DOOR! Crazy! She was absolutely gorgeous (Val, I never told you, but I could not get enough of your dress. To die for!). I snuck in and got a picture with her while we were waiting for Skyler and Courtney to come out and her groom was busy with the photographer. It was so nice to see the Hubbards again - haven't seen them in forever! 

Side note: I seriously had some connection to almost every couple that was getting married around the same time as Skyler and Courtney's ceremony. (This is the Salt Lake temple, folks, where they had 83 couples get married the day Rich and I did. This day had probably close to/just as many weddings. There were brides EVERYWHERE.) I worked with one girl who was the bride. I worked with another guy who was a guest at that same wedding. Rich's cousin and aunt were guests at another ceremony. And I saw two people from my graduating class - I took the guy, Shem, to Morp our senior year - that had just gotten married to each other. It came to a point where I was seriously not surprised to see someone else that I knew in the temple waiting room or on the grounds afterwards.

This picture does not do her dress justice. I am SO glad I was able to see her since I wasn't able to make it to the reception that night (for obvious reasons).

Mr. and Mrs. Skyler Fredrickson!

Just look how happy he is! Skyler is head over heels for this girl, and I love it!

My newest sister-in-law! Love her!

 Isn't he just so handsome?!

The reception was so adorable. Courtney has impeccable taste. Unfortunately, though, I didn't get very many shots of it to share.

Eating some dinner before pictures. Khloe was so pretty in her yellow dress.

Isn't he dashing in this suit?! Carrie would probably want me to let you know that, no, he did not wear the Crocs all night.

I just thought this was too cute to pass up. (Don't let it fool you, though - Rich is still Max's favorite uncle.) 

First dance. I wish I had a better shot of her dress and hair. This is the best I could do. If I could do my wedding over, I would do my hair like hers.

I love how weddings just make me fall in love with my groom all over again. (Don't tell Courtney, but Rich was the cutest guy of the night.)

Skyler was the last of the Fredrickson siblings to tie the knot. This means that the only single sibling left on both sides of the family is the Dre. So, no pressure, Dre. (But seriously, don't mess up. We've got the best in-laws ever and would hate to ruin the streak.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Before and After

So, I was totally going to be all noble and grow my hair out and then donate it to Locks of Love, but... well... that's what I always say. So, I chopped it off (but only 6" and not 10" like you need to donate) a few weeks ago when I was in Utah. I think I am pleased with the results.