Friday, March 27, 2009

The Name

I know a lot of people already know the story behind the name "The Nellys," but I just wanted to fill in those who might be a little curious. Rich is known to his teammates as Nelly.  So much so that many don't know who Rich Nelson is, but they know Nelly. I, too, have become a Nelly now that we're married. Many of his teammates refer to us simply as the Nellys, and we both like it. So, the name has stuck.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rich's Race at ASU

Rich just returned from his first outdoor track meet of the season, and he won! But there were some issues. The person counting laps messed up in his only responsibility in the meet - he was a lap behind the runners. So, when the lap counter said the runners had 6 laps left, they actually only had 5 left, and so on in the race. Luckily on the last lap Rich realized that there had to be a problem and didn't end up running an extra lap. He finished the race, in first like we said, but the results were all messed up. They say that Rich came in second, but don't believe them. Rich won. 

Next weekend Rich will be racing at Stanford, which should be a pretty good race. Hopefully the lap counter can do his job there!

We're Bloggers Now

Rich and I realized that we are officially welcome into the blogging world now that we are married. So, here we are, making our debut. Hopefully we'll be able to keep everyone updated, as long as we can keep the blog updated.