Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

Less than two months behind. I can do this. Slowly but surely, I will catch up.

Thanksgiving 2014 was lots of fun. We spent it with the Nelson side, hosted by Christine and Nathan at their home in West Jordan. We were excited for a chance to spend time with as many of the siblings as could come, but things got even better when we heard that Doug and Edie would brave the weather for the drive down. We definitely miss seeing them multiple times a week!

When we pulled up to the Kidds' home, Norah knew exactly whose car we parked behind. She got pretty excited when she realized that their car being there meant they would be there, too.

We knocked on the door, and she basically screamed the moment she saw her Grandma and Poppa. She ran across the room and gave the biggest hug I've ever seen (I'm a little jealous of it, actually). Doug says this moment has permanently secured her place in the will.

For Thanksgiving dinner, it was Great Grandma Farnsworth, Doug and Edie, the Kidds, the Wings, and us. We got to see the (Scott) Nelsons the next day since they had dinner with Karolyn's family, as well as the Harrisons on Saturday. We all missed the Petersens!

Norah and Kelsey got to sit at their own table, which was great since they kept each other happy. I'm pretty sure Norah didn't eat anything, though.

The pies. This was my first time making any kind of pie. and it actually worked out for me! Well, the pumpkin wasn't all that great, but my chocolate mousse pie was delicious!

Cami and Ethan

Doug and Edie brought along lots of slides for us to see, and someone was able to dig up a slide projector so we could put on a show.

If you're familiar with "Christmas Vacation," you'll appreciate the video. Especially listen to the music and watch Nate.

Watching the show

 Visiting the Kidds' house is always a ton of fun for Norah because they have toys galore. Norah and Kelsey were plenty entertained with the ponies!

The next day, we all got together again after doing some Black Friday shopping. My first Black Friday experience back in Utah was actually pretty disappointing. I think it was because Utah is just so BUSY and CROWDED! Sure, Spokane has its crowds, but nothing like here. Rich always had to work on Black Friday in Spokane, so we'd go out after he got off of work and have no problem finding at least a couple great deals. But Utah just had constant crowds all day because there are so many people, and everything was basically gone by the time we got out. (I am not the type of person to go out Thanksgiving night or crazy early the next morning, so I guess that's what I get.) The only real success we had (which, admittedly, is a big one) was helping Santa find Norah's big present.

After shopping, we headed back to the Kidds' for leftovers and some family sports time. We had a big kickball game, and then the more agile of the group (meaning not the pregnant women) played some basketball.

Cami had a great idea of how to keep the littlest ones occupied. They loved it, and it kept me pretty entertained, too.

I love how slow they went down. But that didn't matter because it was a "slide."

There's still a little more to cover from Thanksgiving weekend, but Saturday's event gets its own post so this one doesn't turn out crazy long. So, more on that later!

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