Thursday, January 15, 2015

September & October Photo Drop

It's crazy to think that the first half of these pictures are from Spokane. I guess it's just feels weird that life can change so much so quickly. One second we feel like we have things figured out in one place, and the next we're somewhere so different and adjusting to a new life. And, time really flies, huh?

This is from our 5 Mile Prairie Ward picnic at the beginning of September. Rich wanted to get this specific shot to compare it to one from almost exactly a year before.

I can't believe how much she's grown! Especially the hair! She was SO BALD for SO LONG!

Bored day. She wasn't hiding her feelings at all.

Speaking of long hair, here's Norah's very first ponytail! (Although it's technically not long enough for one anymore since her latest haircut.)

Funny story about these shoes. Rich got them for free from our sweet Nike hookup guy (thanks, Nick, if you ever read this!), and he was SO self-conscious about wearing them. He claimed that people were staring at his feet while he ran, wondering why he was wearing pink. He ended up coloring in the pink swooshes with a black Sharpie in an effort to make them more masculine. I assured him that no one actually cared. And then, my friend Angie was helping us clean right before moving out in Spokane, and she said, "Oh, cute shoes! I love the pink!" Ha ha! He got rid of them immediately. (But seriously, he just wore them running. No one could even focus on them long enough to see the pink.)

This was one of our last Eat Fresh trips before moving. Norah ran around the place like she owned it whenever she was there, but she also charmed a couple of the customers. One older gentleman thought she was so sweet that he bought her a cookie. (I just thanked him instead of trying to explain that she could get all the free cookies she wanted.)

Cheering on the GU guys one last time.

The GU vs. Navy duel

We used this picture to tell our family we were pregnant. "Will baby #2 be a football player or cheerleader?" (Well, it is a boy, but he still probably won't be a football player, not if he's anything like his dad.)

 Now we're getting to the Utah pictures again. This was right after we moved and were still at my parents' house.

Instead of setting up the whole crib, we decided to move Norah to her big girl bed once we got into the new apartment. She loved it from day one. I was worried about her trying to get out, but she still waits for us to get her up in the morning and doesn't get out once we put her to bed. Thank goodness. (Although nap time really is nonexistent now, but that was on it's way out before anyway.)

Pretty good cranky face

Bountiful has a gorgeous view of the Great Salt Lake. This crummy cell phone picture doesn't do it justice at all.

Random cute pictures

She was afraid Elmo was cold, so she wanted him in her jacket. "You put Elmo in my jacket," she insisted. "He bees warm in there." ("Bees" as in adding an S to "be." I love experiencing her language development.)

I tried for a while to get naps out of her, and this was one of our successful days. I've given up on them now, though. It's not worth the fight, or having her go to bed at 9-9:30.

Super random. Rich and I splurged and got DVR for the first time. This has introduced me to the wonderful world of late-night Disney Channel, where they play the old Disney Channel Original Movies, the classics that I grew up on like "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century." I was a little to excited to record this gem, although it was just as ridiculous as I remember it being.

October also brought us to our first baby appointment. My doctor's office only has this super old machine, so our cell phone picture was the best shot we got of baby's first ultrasound.

I don't know where it started, but Norah insists on calling herself either "Kate Nelson Norah" or "Norah Kate Nelson Norah." This is a little taste of it. She's growing out of it now, so I'm glad we caught it on camera.

Cousin playtime with Lola and Huey

And, finally, I got a good laugh when I saw this one morning. We bought the two-pack Costco box of Oatmeal Squares. Rich put one of the bags in here to save space and wanted to make sure I knew there had been a change.

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