Monday, January 5, 2015

BYU Homecoming Weekend

About halfway through October, we got to head down to Provo for BYU Homecoming Weekend. We didn't have tickets to the game, but we were signed up for the 5K race on Saturday morning, along with half of the Nelson clan.

We got to Provo on Friday night and got to take a walk around campus. We joked about how we were now "those people," the ones that walk around and point out how different everything is and talk about all of our memories around there.

Cami and Ethan let us stay at their place, and I thought it would be super fun for Norah and Kelsey to have a sleepover. Norah, however, had no desire to sleep. She ended up staying up until we went to bed, around 11. And then, when we woke up the next morning, she could not be woken up.

On our way to the races

We thought it would be super fun to have Norah do the 200-meter run with the 2-4 year-olds.

Yeah, it went just swimmingly.

 I couldn't even get her to walk across the finish line. And I was sick of carrying her by this point. Seriously, though, a 200-meter race for 2-year-olds?! Way too long! A 40-meter run would have done just fine.

My only consolation was that Kelsey had just about the same reaction. Oh, and they got a shirt out of it, too.

Most of the cousins present took part in their respective races, too. They all had much better experiences than Norah and Kelsey. I now have this fear that Norah will get her mom's genes and be the only slow Nelson grandchild.

Carson and Skyler


My favorite race to watch was Whitley's. The BYU girl in the picture was pacing the race, but Whitley paid no attention to her. Even the announcer said, "Remember - this is a TWO-lap race!" after Whitley shot off the starting line. That sure didn't slow Whitley down. She wanted to win this thing in style. She kept her pace the whole time and dominated the rest of the field.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Provo. Love this view.

 And these girls had tons of fun together once their race was over.

Christine, Alison, Cami, Rich, and I participated in the 5K race. This was my first 5K, but any thoughts of going for a good time went out the window when I got pregnant and sick. I hadn't run for a couple weeks by race day, so I surprised myself when I actually came in under 30 minutes. (I wish I could say I kept the running up after this race, but it's so hard to get yourself out the door when all you want to do is throw up, and now it's too late to get back into running this far into my pregnancy.)

After the race, we all settled in to watch the parade. I kept my eyes peeled for the RHA float (I used to work for RHA, part of BYU Housing, back in the day). I was ecstatic to see that they won the Grand Marshal's Award (the highest honor) for their Up-themed float. Hooray!

I was also super excited to spot this adorable girl in the parade! Megan was one of the Young Women I worked with in Spokane, and she was in the parade with the Women in Engineering float. Made my day to see her!

Watching the parade

After the parade, we headed to park for a picnic and some games. By this point, I had used up almost all the energy pregnancy allowed me for that day, so I hung back to watch the kiddos play on the playground while everyone else played some flag football. I also got to see my old roommate Alex for a little bit, too, but forgot to get a picture (again!).

Norah and Trey

It was a super fun day, and Norah was out almost as soon as we got in the car to drive back home (probably helped by the fact that she went to bed at 11 the night before). Then, when we got back home, I couldn't get her to wake up. We put her in her bed to rest a little, but I didn't want her to sleep too much longer or she'd never fall asleep that night. I attempted to wake her up, but the above picture shows how well that went over. She NEVER sleeps on me, so it was kind of hard to motivate myself to give that up.

It was so fun seeing Homecoming Weekend from our alumni perspective. I hope we can do it again next year!

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