Sunday, January 11, 2015

Downtown Salt Lake

I am not in love with our apartment (or our upstairs neighbors who party LITERALLY all night long), but our location in Bountiful just can't be beat. It's an easy 15-minute drive to Fanzz for Rich, and downtown Salt Lake is only 10 minutes away. We take advantage of the closeness to Temple Square, the Energy Solutions Arena, and City Creek Center all the time.

We didn't know just how close we were to downtown when we first moved to Bountiful. One Sunday in October, we decided to do a little exploring and realized just how close it is.

Late fall and early winter here were super mild. We had 60-70 degrees in October, and it was glorious. The weather was perfect for our first afternoon of exploring.

Every time I see the Salt Lake temple, it amazes me. It is so beautiful, and it was done by hand. No wonder it took 40 years.

So, apparently they start wrapping lights around the trees for Christmas at Temple Square well in advance. Even in October, many of the trees had been strung, and Rich may or may not have tested to see if they turned on when you plugged them in. (They did.)

We decided to do a tour of the Conference Center while we were there, taking the whole tourist route. This is the top of the Conference Center. I love that they thought to make the top of it look pretty for the residents living in apartments around it.

We have been back to Temple Square lots of times since this, especially to take advantage of the Christmas lights (which Rich did not turn on this time). It's so fun being so close. I think Bountiful has me sold, on its location, at least.

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