Monday, January 12, 2015

Halloween 2014

I can't believe how quickly Halloween came and went this year! I had such big plans of doing a fun family costume combo, but I was too sick most days to really put the effort into it. So, thank goodness we had an Anna dress in the house (well, thank Aubrey and Alivia) because Norah at least had a costume.

We still did have tons of fun this past Halloween season. Rich helped to make it great for his girls.

We love exploring the Halloween stores (although it freaks Norah out). This was my favorite find of the year.

Rich made Halloween sugar cookies for us to decorate. Sugar cookies are kind of his specialty.

I love Norah's smile here.

Pumpkin carving

Our pumpkins this year. My pumpkin had some news to share.

On Halloween day, Fanzz had a fun trick or treat for all of the families. Norah was super excited to get all dressed up to go see Daddy at work, and it was a lot of fun (plus, she got A TON of candy).

We got her hair in tiny little braids for her Anna costume! I couldn't believe her hair was long enough for braids!

Hangin' out on Daddy's co-worker's Lovesac

Cami, Ethan, and Kelsey came up to Bountiful to go trick or treating with us. We had some yummy pizza beforehand, of which Norah had probably one bite. I told her she couldn't have any candy that night if she didn't eat more pizza (yeah, that sounds like great parenting), but she she still wouldn't eat it. And she was the one who kept telling me that she wasn't allowed to have any candy. If you say so, girly. For weeks afterward, whenever anyone asked about Halloween, she made sure she told them the story about how she didn't get to eat to her candy. Man, I sound like such a mean mom.

We took the girls around Ethan's parent's neighborhood, and it was so much fun. The girls had a lot of fun knocking on the doors and, of course, getting candy. One of my favorite moments happened when we came to a Ute fan's house. We were joking about how the girls should say, "Go Cougars!" but obviously we weren't serious about it. Oh yeah, toddlers don't understand jokes. Instead of saying thank you when she got her treats, Kelsey said, yep, "Go Cougars!" Thankfully, the person at the door didn't hear her very well, so Ethan covered it up nicely. (But, yeah, go Cougars!)

Our little Miss Anna. I'm sure you noticed this was the year of Frozen costumes, but I actually never saw another Anna. Plenty of Elsas, but no Annas. (Anna's my favorite anyway.)

 These two are SO CUTE!

If you wait too long to take the picture, Norah's smile turns into this grimace.

And a little of their door-to-door action. I'm pretty sure these two melted a couple hearts with their cuteness.

That is a look of pure joy on her face.

Halloween takes on a whole new level of fun once you have a kid of your own. It was amazing to watch Norah experience it, and I'm excited for the years to come where she grows to love it even more.

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