Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quick Trip to Utah

Towards the end of July, we made a quick trip to Utah. We were only there 4 days, so our schedule was pretty packed. Lots of family time, which is awesome.

I was pretty optimistic about a 10-hour car drive with this toddler since she did so well with the DVD player on our Oregon trip. She didn't disappoint. We left on Friday afternoon, so she read books and watched movies until it was time for her to fall asleep, and she slept the rest of the way to Utah. I don't think she cried once.

We stayed at my parents' house once we got to Utah (at about 3 a.m. Saturday) and then headed south to Scott and Karolyn's house. We got to spend the night at their house, and Christine and Nathan came over for dinner. I don't know why this is the only picture I got of our time at Scott's. But I think it's funny.

On Sunday, we went to Skyler and Courtney's house after church for more family and more food. This was such an adorable shot of all but 2 of the Fredrickson grandkiddos.

We had fun with water balloon launchers, which all of the kids loved.

 Did I say all? I meant all but Norah. I think she has a hard time with big groups of people. She wanted no part of the chaos.

We also had a pinata for the grandkids, which all of the kids loved.

Nope, not all of them. This was Norah's reaction. Such a party pooper. (I think the lack of sleep was also getting to her at this point, too.)

 Kissing cousins.

We spent the night at Skyler and Courtney's and got to hang out with them a little more on Monday. Norah had lots of fun with Cohen (and his toys).

Finally squeezed in a car nap on our way to Christine and Nathan's house. Though it only lasted about 15 minutes.

She needed some help waking up, so Hailey was glad to give her some cuddles. I love how quickly she warmed up to the Kidd girls.

Norah was in heaven in the Kidds' playroom. "Frozen" was going on the CD player, and there were Barbies and princesses and easels and dollies and so much more. Plus, Whitley and Hailey were happy to keep her company.

Another car nap the next day. Hallelujah.

And this beautiful rainbow.

 And then the drive home on Wednesday. As we were getting ready to leave that morning, we couldn't find our DVD player. I started texting all of our siblings to see if we had left it at someone's house, and it was finally discovered at Skyler and Courtney's (in an incredibly random spot - don't know how it even got there). We weren't going to drive an extra two hours to get it back, so my mom let us borrow hers so we could survive the trip home. Norah got a little sick of holding it on her lap the whole time, but it was much better than the alternative. Also, I love the picture of Norah on the right. She loves to lounge in her car seat, just like this.

Yep, it was a pretty quick trip, but we're planning on heading back soon.

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