Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pre-Christmas 2013

Yet again, I'm going to have to break the next segment of posts into three chunks. So much has been going on here, and the Nellys have pretty much only been home to sleep.

This video is actually from before the Christmas festivities began, and it's hilarious. Can "not running into things while you have a bucket on your head" be considered a talent? Because my daughter is a pro at it.

The fun began when the Wings rolled into town the Friday before Christmas. Their little girl Kelsey is exactly two weeks younger than Norah, so they're often called the twin cousins (although they really aren't much alike). We're all doing what we can to turn them into forever best friends. Most of the pictures from the past two weeks are of Norah and Kelsey, so I hope you don't get sick of that. I sure don't get sick of watching these two play together.

The most fun these two had together was on the piano, so your'e going to see lots of these.

Some Cold Ones (Henry Weinhards, of course) on ice. Er, snow.

Rich thought one child was a workout. I don't think I'd have the energy for twins.

 Norah's learning how to share Poppa, but she really loves her alone time with him.

 Cami and I got to fit in a little craft time. We made these scarves together.

 There was quite a bit of fighting over these two little chairs. I love Kelsey's stare down in the picture on the right. "Excuse me? I believe I was sitting there."

More piano time.

 We told them it was time to go night night, and where better to sleep than on the piano?

The last bit of this post takes a little more explanation. There was a huge party sub order at Subway, so Rich's dad enlisted us all to help with the preparation. Rich was only obviously thrilled to be there. He didn't understand why Cami wanted pictures of the event in the first place, but I'm glad we got them! I think it's hilarious!

John, the manager, made Rich laugh right as he took the picture, or else Rich would have been glowering here, too.

Okay, that's it for now, but more will be coming soon! (And I have to give a special thanks to Cami for letting me steal so many of her pictures and videos!)

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