Friday, January 10, 2014

Flu Bug

I always start out the new year thinking, "This is the year where I'm going to get at least one picture every day."

Nope, not happening this year.

We started out the year getting a flu bug instead. Rich started coming down with it on Thursday and was pretty much knocked off his feet until Tuesday night. I started feeling it Saturday night and got hit hard on Sunday. Luckily, Norah never showed any symptoms (maybe because she got the flu shot and we didn't).

Norah was a champ for us through our misery, especially on Sunday. Rich and I were basically on the couch all day. She ran around and tore out all her toys, but she was as happy as could be! Rich's parents took her Sunday night through Monday afternoon to help us out a little, and that's the first time I've spent a night away from her. I always thought our first night away from Norah would be for some fun romantic weekend together, not because we were too sick to care for her. Oh well. Thank goodness for grandparents that come to the rescue.

But, anyway, things are basically back to normal here. Still a little coughing, but no big deal anymore.

So, that being said, I have very few pictures to show for the week. Which is probably a good thing considering how many I've been posting lately.

 Bath time eyelashes are the best.

I was supposed to give the Young Women lesson on Sunday, and I even made a handout for it! Thanks to Kristin for covering for me. The quote I used on the handout is one of my favorites. If you haven't read Believing Christ by Stephen E. Robinson, I highly recommend it! This talk tells a little more about the parable I used, if you're not familiar with it. I actually had Brother Robinson for a couple religion classes at BYU (although he was nothing like I expected from reading his book).

I went to my friend Aubrey's baby shower on Tuesday night. She was induced on Thursday and now is a mother to a second beautiful, and tiny, little girl.

 And this is what Norah and Daddy do while I'm away. I got home from the shower and Rich told me about how entertained she was with this diaper box. Okay... This picture is actually from the next night, when Daddy was alone with her again. Does this make anyone else think of ET?

 She really has a hard time keeping her eyes open for the flash.

She seriously loves this box. New favorite toy (and it's already starting to fall apart).

It usually takes a lot of practice for Norah to learn a word. Some words, though, she picks up right away. Yesterday, I turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the first time, and she started chanting "Mickey." Like really well. I don't remember even telling her who Mickey is. There's just something about that mouse, I guess. (Another word she picked up right away was purple. That was her favorite color for a while. And by favorite I mean the only one she knew.)

I was making some lunch for us yesterday, and Norah really wanted to help. She found kept trying to grab my spoon and stir the food on the stove. Brilliant mom moment here - I gave her a bowl and her own spoon and let her go to town. I love it when my clever little ideas actually work. She fell for it again today.

Daddy pushed her around in her little stroller for a while, and then she stopped off for a drive-through snack. (For some reason, she loves using the footrest of her high chair as a food tray.)

Now that we're almost better, I'm looking forward to a better rest of the new year. This also means I'm running out of excuses to work on my New Year's resolutions. (That's the attitude, right?)

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