Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Video Overload

Usually I go crazy with the pictures, but this week is all about videos. Norah has been especially hilarious, and we managed to capture some of it.

Here's our week in pictures and videos:

I understand if you don't watch all of these, but I find them so stinkin' adorable. There is nothing cuter than watching a daddy play with his little girl.

Yes, Skittles are necessary to have moves like these.

Rich went to Seattle for the first indoor track meet of the season. They had some pretty good times, which is encouraging for the rest of the season. If you look really close in this picture, you can see the Space Needle, all lit up in Seahawk colors (going to the Superbowl, baby!).

 Norah and I tend to spend a lot of time at Grandma and Poppa's house when Rich is out of town. Here's Norah with her little table and chair setup, her favorite spot to color.

Naptime has been absolute torture lately. It takes her AT LEAST two hours to fall asleep. Every. Single. Day. It's worth it so she's not so cranky in the evenings, but I usually have to wake her up so she can go to sleep at night. Sometimes, you just need to be snuggled in a blanket to make waking up a little easier. (Side note: this is one of my favorite blankets, technically a quillow, from when I was little. Yep, still have it, and still love it.)


The weather in Spokane has been less than desirable. We have seen the sun for a total of about 4 hours in the past week and a half thanks to an inversion. We have been getting some crazy freezing fog that leaves everything coated in layers of frost. Norah and I went for a walk on Sunday (to waste some time before 1:30 church), and I couldn't help but admire the frost, even if I'm sick of the fog.

All bundled up for the walk. Who cares about matching when you're trying to stay warm.

We also caught a couple more adorable videos of Norah before church. This girl loves books, and it's so much fun to watch her "read." When I say Norah jabbers, this is what I mean.

Okay, if you don't watch any other videos, WATCH THIS ONE!
I am still laughing at it, hundreds of views later.
I don't know where she learned her pensive face, but I hope she never loses it.

Look closely to find out what's off about this picture. (Hint: she's holding what's supposed to be on her bum in her hand.)

And, finally, we'll end with the workout routine Norah developed on her own. Yes, the grunts are necessary.

(P.S. I am writing this during Norah's naptime. She fell asleep in less than an hour today. Hallelujah! I can't remember the last time that happened.)

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