Thursday, January 16, 2014

Potty Success!

There was no more sickness in our house this week, but there was a little sleep deprivation.

This Sunday was our first time with 1:30 church. I've been dreading this for months, and now it's finally here. I do enjoy the sleeping in part, but no-nap Norah is not much fun. Not getting a nap on Sunday and refusing to nap on Monday (and we tried for 3 hours to get that nap) led to an awful night on Monday, like the worst night she's had since she was nursing. I think things are back to normal for now, but I really need to come up with a better plan for Sundays. I can't go through the sleep deprivation process every week.

Yep, that was us this week, although it was no sleep driving me crazy and not a shaved dog.

Last week also brought Norah's first success on the potty. We bought one a couple weeks ago, just to have one when the time came. We finally set it up this week, and Norah was pretty excited about it but didn't really know how to use it. She usually tried to straddle it, backwards and fully clothed. I tried sitting her on it a couple times just to get her used to it. But I never really took her seriously when she asked to go potty.

Last night, Norah came up to me and lifted up her shirt and said, "Pee?" Why not? I stripped her down and put her on the toilet. I even managed to snap a picture, but I didn't hear anything, so I didn't expect anything. Lo and behold, I lifted her off the potty and saw a wet surprise!

I guess I need to take her requests for the potty a little more seriously, but I don't think we're going to full out potty train just yet. Just keep taking it slowly. Let her lead to way for now.

Building the potty and testing it out. She still needs to learn that the potty isn't a toy.

She really wants to dress herself but still needs a little practice. Yeah, her leg is in the sleeve.

I used this adorable fabric to make a car seat cover for my brother and his wife's newest addition, Logan Tyson Fredrickson. He is a seriously adorable boy!

I mean, look at that face! Those cheeks are so cute!

 She was loving this brownie, enough to earn me a glare.

How is that comfortable?

This was her potty success, before I even knew it!

And one more of this cutie doing her favorite thing.

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