Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Babysitters Club, Part 2

I guess Rich and I do good work because we were recruited once more for babysitting duty. My friend Jaime and her husband (and their 6-month-old) went out of town last week, so I watched the four older kids for a couple days. Rich had an incredibly busy week, so he didn't get to help in the babysitting, but I had a bunch of help from their oldest, Taylor, so it went really well! Norah was a lot happier this time around, too (probably because she wasn't trying to grow 4 teeth), which helped things go much more smoothly.

Also, I don't know what has happened between last week and now, but Norah is all of a sudden an awesome sleeper. Starting last Friday, she has been going down for naps right away, and it hasn't taken her long to fall asleep for naps or bedtime. She is almost excited to go to sleep lately. We even got her to take a nap before church on Sunday! Never thought that would happen! I don't know if we're back to normal or if this is just a break from the normal, but I hope it lasts a long time!

This chair was a hot item during our stay. Norah thought it was the perfect size for her, but it clearly had Easton's name on it.  

 I don't know who invented this game, but Taylor and Brody were great sports for it!

I absolutely loved the dog, Oliver, and I guess Norah did, too. He even let her cuddle with him for a little bit (of course, as soon as I go to take a picture, they move).

This was just precious.

Norah had her first taste of Nutella during our stay. Obviously, she was a fan.

Back home, cuddled up in a blanket after Saturday nap time.

Rich was able to go to the BYU vs. GU game with the cross country recruits. Tough loss, Cougars, but at least we can say, "Go Zags!"

 Sunday mornings are for walks now, enjoying nature while Daddy goes home teaching.

On this last walk, Norah discovered just how many rocks there are in the woods next to us. And she made it a point to touch each and every one. (She's saying "rock.")

She invented this new game. Who knew falling off a couch could be so fun.

I went on a run Monday after Daddy got home, so he was left to watch Norah. This is how Daddy babysits. (I promise this was not staged.) 

Right after Norah wakes up every morning she asks for Mickey. If he's not on, we sure hear about it.

Oh man, I've been spoiled with shoes lately. Thanks to Nick Roche for the sweet Nike hookups! (It helps that my foot is the perfect size for all of the samples!) Few things give me more motivation to run than to be able to use my awesome new shoes!

This is how Norah sleeps. With a blanket over her head. I'm pretty sure that's not encouraged by pediatricians.

It finally snowed today! No fun for driving, but it sure is nice to look at. So much better than the brown gloom of late.

And just one more of this cutie. I love her so much!

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