Friday, February 14, 2014

Grandpa Burnham

Saying goodbye is always hard, even when you know it's coming. Francis Nelson Burnham was the most loving, gentle, and Christlike man I have ever known, and I was blessed to call him Grandpa. Almost two weeks ago, he passed away and joined his beloved Alice.

His funeral was a great chance to remember the life of this amazing man. What a great life he lived!

My grandpa was born in what was essentially a chicken coup in Jerome, Idaho, and then moved into what his family lovingly called "the dugout" (which was about as humble as it sounds). He worked hard every day of his life, especially after his father passed away.

Ok, this is just amazing to me. That's him as a baby, being held by his dad. I am so glad this photo exists!

He was baptized here at 8 years old. Good thing his birthday is in July.

Jerome High School, class of '49

 He was drafted into the army for the Korean War.

He then served a two-year mission in Japan.


Sometime before his mission, Grandpa met Alice Burnham, and she wrote to him during his time in Japan. These two were one of those adorable couples that we all want to be. My grandpa loved his wife so very much, and you could tell as you watched how loving and gentle he was with her. My grandma passed away last January, and you could tell that my grandpa almost seemed to lose his purpose when he lost her. How could he live much longer without her?

They were married May 28, 1957 in the Salt Lake City temple.

They had eight beautiful children and lived in the same house in North Ogden, Utah, for most of their marriage (except during their time in Seoul, Korea, while my Grandpa worked as a civilian for the military and during their mission to Utica, New York). It was amazing to look through these old pictures and be able to recognize the house, yard, and garden in the background.

All of their kids. My mom is the oldest, on the back left.

This is from my parents' wedding. You can't see much detail, but you can get a little taste of those amazing outfits. Grandpa Burnham is on the far left. (If you look really closely, you can see just how much my brother Skyler looks like my dad.)

This is from my baptism day. Grandma and Grandpa made a special effort to be at every child's baptism.

Grandpa held Grandma's hand almost any opportunity he had. Oh how he loved her.

Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of Grandpa with Norah. This was on her blessing day.

My uncle made a video with a lot more pictures. I loved watching it and seeing how much my grandpa's personality shines through. (Many of these pictures were screenshots from the video, which is why they aren't the best quality.)

Goodbye, Grandpa. I miss you and know I can see again someday.

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