Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sickies (Again)

Can it just not be winter anymore? Every summer I forget how easy it is to get sick in the winter. I've already lost count of the bugs our family has caught this winter. I'm ready for warm weather. (Well, I'm ready for my birthday - SUNDAY! - and then we can skip to the warm weather.)

Norah and I caught some icky bug in Utah and lovingly brought it home to Rich. We're just about recovered now, but the last week has been a little miserable. Norah has been ridiculously cuddly, which is nice, until you have to do something, like make dinner or take a shower or even go to the bathroom. I try to put her down, and then the tantrum ensues. And she has thrown some crazy awful tantrums. I know that she's sick, but I'm also afraid we're getting a taste of what the terrible twos will bring us. She knows what she wants and hates being disappointed.

In happier news, I want to share some of my current favorite Norah words.
  • For cookie, Norah says "cootsie."
  • Goldfish crackers are "shishes."
  • Milk has become "mook."
  • Her two favorite cousins (or, at least, cousin names to say) are Max, which she says perfectly, and Kelsey, or "Kessie."
  • When you say, "Norah, say, 'I love you,'" she always says, "Yeah." She will not say the phrase, no matter how hard we try.
  • Waffles are "wawuls."
  • And my favorite (for terrible reasons) is fabric. It sounds nothing at all like fabric and everything like the f-word. There's no getting around it. It's definitely the f-word. I usually call fabric cloth around her to avoid cracking up (which, of course, only encourages her more).

And here are some pictures from the week:

(Technically these first four are from before our Utah trip, but I forgot I had them.)

This is Norah's favorite way to play - you turn into her human toy box.

Rich had (yet) another meet in Seattle Friday (Valentine's Day) and Saturday, meaning he left the morning after I got home from Utah. He made sure Norah and I were taken care of, though. Our friend Kristin played the Valentine's fairy.

 I was going to try to turn Friday into a fun Galentine's Day for Norah and me, but this little girl was just not feeling well. We spent most of the day like this (well, Norah was the only one playing with her bellybutton). We didn't even make it to the mall play place once while Rich was gone. She barely even let me put her down.

I found some LOTR-themed Valentines and snuck them into Rich's suitcase. I was afraid he wouldn't notice them, until he sent me this picture.

More Valentines cuddling with my bug. 

 She did cheer up enough to "take pictures" of Mickey and Minnie. She set this up all on her own, then grabbed her play phone to snap a few shots.

And then she got to Daddy's NBA standings board. I didn't have the heart to stop her because that was the happiest she'd been all day. Luckily, none of the pieces were lost.

 It was a little gloomy for us in Spokane, but Rich actually got to enjoy some sun in Seattle. If you look close in the picture on the left, you can spy the Space Needle.

 Still trying to recover, Norah spent a lot of time like this watching Disney Junior.

 Finally back together on Sunday, after almost two weeks of being apart. They really missed each other.

Still sick on Monday. Seriously, we spent a lot of time on the couch.

We did sneak out Monday for lunch at Subway with Grandma and Poppa. Norah thought I was so hilarious in the car.

Norah loves to ask you to draw pictures of Mickey. I've actually gotten pretty good at it, meaning they at least somewhat resemble Mickey.


Again, with the human toy box thing. She LOVES to pile up toys in my lap.

 Another potty success yesterday (and today, too, for that matter). I really hope she leads the way in the whole potty-training thing. (Also, Norah's hair is just crazy these days. Almost always in her eyes and a mullet in the back, but she'll only keep her little ponytails in for about ten minutes. I think it's going to be in this awkward stage for another year or so.)

Last night for mutual, our young men and young women got to play laser tag. I love this group!

Our newest niece, Kayla Mary Nelson, arrived early this morning. Congratulations, Scott and Karolyn! I can't wait to meet her in person!

Norah loves "chocolate toast" for breakfast, although the toast has become optional in her mind.

Nutella face!

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