Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was so much fun this year. I think the best part about it was that Norah was old enough to understand that Christmas is a pretty amazing time of year. She loved the lights and decorations and she loved opening presents.

Norah absolutely loved riding in the car at night (which is anytime after 4 o'clock here in Spokane) because she got to see Christmas lights. As soon she saw a house lit up, her eyes would get big and she'd yell, "Oooooooh!" Every single time. It was adorable. You should have seen her when we went to Walmart's Christmas section. I thought she was going to lose her voice because she yelled with excitement the whole time we were in there.

She really loved our Christmas tree, too. As soon as I got her up in the morning, she would run into family room, point at the tree, and say, "Off?" She learned how to flip the switch to turn on the tree lights, so she would run over to the tree to light it up. She loved it.

She also loved Grandma and Poppa Nelson's Christmas lights because there were lots of them. Inside the house, the tree, the railings, a decoration by the door, a wreath, and the mantle all had lights, and Norah would not let them be off when she was there. One time, Norah went over to Grandma's house and noticed all of her lights were off. First, she went to the tree and said, "Uh oh!" over and over until Grandma came in and realized she wanted the tree turned on. So Grandma plugged it in for her. Then, Norah proceeded to go to all of the other sets of lights inside and say, "Uh oh!" until Grandma turned those on, too.

Norah loved playing with nativity scenes. We had a sticker one for our window that she would play with, Grandma had two set up in her house (that have been loved to pieces over the years), and cousin Kelsey got a fun Little People one for Christmas. With each of these sets, Norah would find baby Jesus and give him a kiss. We never told her to do that - it was just something she decided should be done. Little children truly are special.

This girl loves Christmas, and she is in the right family for that!

Here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day:

The horsie made it upstairs since Norah and Kelsey were obsessed with it. Kelsey figured out how to climb onto it all by herself, and Norah learned a lot by watching her.

 I love watching these two get along. Way too adorable!

This picture has nothing to do with Christmas, but it just makes me laugh because she's acting like she knows exactly what to do with Daddy's phone.

The beautiful centerpiece, courtesy of Cami, for our Christmas Eve dinner 

Ethan's family has a tradition of getting Christmas crackers, so they brought some along for us this year. I loved them (although Rich had to open mine because I can't even open the cans of refrigerated dough)! They each had a hat (hence the paper hats on our heads), a joke, and a little toy.

Another hug!

Christmas Eve game night, with some Cold Ones. We played a lot of Aggravation over Christmas break.

Christmas morning had to wait a little because Kelsey wanted to sleep in. Cami and Ethan finally ended up waking her up so we could get the show on the road! That probably won't happen many more Christmases.

Norah's Santa present 

She put it to use right away! 

The stroller was Kelsey's Santa present. Norah was much more fun to push around than Elmo, I guess. 

This girl loved opening presents. She tended to take her time because she liked seeing the paper rip, but she was also excited to get to the present inside. 


Just look at how much this girl has grown up in a year:
I think we're going to have to try to get a picture of Norah in a Santa hat every year.

We kind of got a white Christmas this year. We had a little leftover snow from earlier in the week, and then we got this amazing frost Christmas morning. Isn't it beautiful?

This is the only picture I got of treat Christmas, a tradition we stole from the Petersens. Each person picked a treat at Costco, and that's what we ate for Christmas day. Our menu included hummus, little smokies, spinach and artichoke dip, summer sausage, won tons, buffalo chicken bites, and cottage cheese (Norah's choice, pulled from the fridge). I think we're going to continue this tradition!

And only one more post to go to finish out the year!

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