Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I was thinking this morning that nothing really exciting happened this week, so I wasn't sure what to write. Unfortunately, Norah decided to take care of that this afternoon.

Check out Norah's forehead. Ouch.

She was running around our kitchen, having a great time, until... THUD! I wasn't in the kitchen at the time, so I don't really know what happened. But I heard her slip and she started crying, so I rushed over to pick her up, thinking it was just like any other little fall. After she calmed down for a second, I started to assess the damage and got a glimpse of the egg growing on her head. And then I almost started to cry. Poor little girl. Definitely her biggest bump to date.

I think I need to get her some grippy socks with how much she likes to do laps through our kitchen. I would love to never see another bump like that on her again.

Here are a few more pictures from the rest of the week.

I made this cute little bow holder a little while ago. Super easy, actually! Not that Norah really has enough hair for bows yet...

And I found this adorable print on Pinterest to add to our Christmas decor. I've been in love with this quote lately, even used it in a primary lesson on faith a couple weeks ago.

Our family had to say goodbye to some friends in our ward, the Genets. I tried to get a picture of Norah hugging Bella, but by the time my camera finally took the picture, they were done. We really are going to miss the Genets! It was really fun getting to know them!

Last Wednesday, we had an awesome mutual. An ugly sweater making party. Didn't these turn out amazing?! We have some pretty crafty girls!

Some more play time with Alivia.

Check out this super adorable video of these two playing tag:

I realized I can keep Norah happy in a store if she gets to sit in the basket. I usually give her the diaper bag as a pad for her back, but it's turned into a great seat cushion.

Norah likes to "take pictures" of the Christmas tree.

 I started this project for Norah. I realized there are so many little things that I don't want to forget, and I wanted someplace to write them down. I bought this little notebook, thinking I would just write down things, but I decided to include pictures, too. For most days, I either have a picture or something to write down. I don't know how long I'll keep up with it, but at least I feel like I'm doing some kind of scrapbooking.

 Every year, each family member gets a new ornament. These were our choices for the year.

The other night, Rich went in to peek at Norah right before we went to bed. He came back in and told me I had to see her. I guess this explains why she was laughing so much before she fell asleep. Crazy girl!

I arm knitted this scarf today. We started making them for mutual one night, which turned into a little bit of chaos, I decided to just make it at home. Thankfully this tutorial helped me remember how to do it! I can't believe it actually turned into something I want to wear!

 And, finally, Rich took these pictures. The bottom one makes me think of a dunce cap.... We only use the best methods for disciplining our child.

Merry almost Christmas, all! We are looking forward to some family getting in town this weekend. We've had a little break - now we're ready for more celebrating!

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