Monday, January 4, 2016

July Photo Drop

Let's get back to updating this blog, shall we? How about some uncategorized pictures from July?

Scooter ride

Sleepy Jack.

 I love his expressions in these pictures.

 More of our back patio flooding. I think it was about 11 p.m. here, just as we were heading to bed. It started to pour, and Rich knew he needed to protect the patio or we would for sure have a flood. He devised this setup, and we ended up keeping it up through the rest of the summer. Came in handy a couple times!

Why so serious?

 More sleeping Jack. Man, newborns sleep a ton.

 We couldn't figure out what to do one Friday night, so we ended up at park, playing catch. This was the same night where Rich was throwing left-handed for at least half an hour and I didn't even notice.

(Probably) his first shoulder ride.

Our first time to the temple post-baby. Thanks to my mom for the babysitting.

 Just making herself comfortable to read.

Play, daddy, play.

Swaddle baby, the cutest.

My heart is breaking as I'm realizing that he probably won't do this ever again.

Sharing some Sonic goodness with my girl. She loves the strawberry limeade almost as much as I do.

I'm missing summer weather. And parks. And getting out of the house.

Love this boy!

 She still loves him just as much. She can't get enough of her brother (until he tries to steal her toys).

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