Monday, January 18, 2016


As a seller for, the fam and I were invited to visit Cornbelly's in Lehi at the very beginning of October. We had tons of fun, once we got past the traffic! (Seriously, all of the traffic in Salt Lake and Utah Counties really makes me love Davis County even more.)

This year, they had a Minion theme.

I love Norah's squeal as she goes over each of the bumps.

 Cutest little girl ever (and a tender moment from the couple in front of us - ha ha!)

We ended in the corn maze but turned back about 3 minutes in. Jack was in the stroller, and it was way too bumpy for it. We had a quiz thing that was supposed to help us through the maze, but the questions were harder than we expected (we realized once we were out that the answers were on the bottom of the page). Plus, I didn't feel like spending an hour trying to get through when we were all just really hungry. Maybe when we're all a little older!

Thanks to for a fun time at Cornbelly's!

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