Tuesday, January 5, 2016

August Photo Drop, Part 1

How about some pictures of our August happenings? Part 1 follows:

 These pictures should have gone with this post. On the road trip home, I ended up squeezing between the two car seats for much of the drive to keep this little guy entertained. And it worked! He cried for maybe 10 minutes total of the whole 11ish-hour drive!

Love a little boy in overalls!

Just fighting that swaddle.

I remember this was a particularly grumpy day, and Rich was the only thing that could really calm him down.

He would always get so happy and chatty when I swaddled him up. He loved it, which is why I still swaddle him from armpits down even now at almost 8 months old.

This picture just cracks me up.

He hardly ever sleeps in my arms now. Tear...

 Yet another torrential downpour where Rich had to save us from flooding (also here and here) and got SOAKED in the process. "Oh, did we talk to the apartment management?" you may ask. Yep. And they basically said tough luck. Oh, Cherry Lane.

I forget just how tired we were. Jack was a terrible sleeper, and all of us suffered and snuck in naps whenever we could.

Tickles and smiles

 Occasionally we took trips to the apartment complex's swimming pool. It wasn't our favorite pool because it was really salty and usually full, We loved when we could get it all to ourselves. Norah made some big advances in the pool this year: she actually let us let go of her and even jumped in once or twice (with us promising to catch her). This coming summer's goal is to get her to put her face in the water.

Came out one morning to a flooded kitchen. Another joy of living in Cherry Lane.

I don't know if you can tell from this picture (and excuse the dirty dishes), but the flood above was caused by the faucet leaking around the seal. Rich came up with a simple yet clever solution to get the water to flow into the sink, just a rolled-up paper towel. When the maintenance man came to fix it, he loved the little trick.

Bet you can't tell what I was doing here.

More zoo fun. We went A LOT over the summer.

Brag moment: I've typed basically this whole post one-handed because a certain cranky baby wants to be held at all times, I think I'm awesome.

Oh, and please ignore any typos.

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