Sunday, January 17, 2016

September Photo Drop

Probably too many photos for one post, but it's still happening. I want to limit my number of posts so that I may actually get caught up some day.

 I am terrible about getting pictures of both kids together, so when Norah wanted to jump into this photo shoot I was doing for some bandana bibs, I couldn't say no. Of course I couldn't get a good one of both of them, but it was still fun. (Jack's face in the top right one! I love it!)

Go Cougars!

 This little guy in his Sunday clothes. I swoon.

This was probably only his third or fourth time rolling over. The funny thing is, he's really probably only rolled over like 4 more times since then. This kid is just content to sit.

And here he wasn't happy with our continued attempts to get him to roll over.

Representing the 'Hawks at work

 I really thought this kid would turn into a thumb sucker with how much he would put his hands in his mouth. No such luck. He refused the binky and the thumb and is consoled only by nursing. The main reason why our nights were so terrible.

Norah was always looking out for the kid, making sure he was plenty entertained.

 I attempted to do a homeschool preschool with Norah. It lasted about two and a half weeks. I really need to start back up with it because she absolutely loved it.

Rich's uncle Rick had an extra ticket, so Rich was able to see his old coach, Ed Eyestone, be inducted  into the Utah Sport Hall of Fame in September. That was pretty cool for Rich to be there for it.

 We signed up to do the Cougar Run in October (more on that when I actually get to October), and Norah and I practiced "on your mark, get set, go" most days around the block.

 Scheel's fun

When Jack started sitting up, he was no longer content just laying down. He would often do this to show us he wanted to be up.

They start putting up the lights at Temple Square in September, and this marks the second year Rich has done plugged them in early, as a joke.

Master of sitting

Derrick Favors did an autograph signing at the Fashion Place Fanzz.

In September, I did my very first bandana bib deal on I had sold 40 of the 50 bibs that I listed and learned a lot about the process. I've done a could more since and learn more each time.

 Jack's first baby food (oatmeal cereal). He took to solids so much quicker than Norah, but we didn't really start them daily until he was about 6 months old.

Getting things out the Halloween stuff. Norah made huge steps in Halloween fun this year. Last year, she screamed at the sight of these masks. This year, Rich actually got her to put one on. Any time after this, though, when we would see a scary mask and we'd ask her if she wanted to put it on, she'd say, "I already weared one!" And when we took her to the Halloween store, she even voluntarily activated the scary mannequins. (And then also said the same thing when we'd ask her if she wanted to do it again - "I already did that!") See? Huge steps.

Okay, less than 4 months to go! I can do this!

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