Wednesday, January 6, 2016

August Photo Drop, Part 2

And to close out August, how about some more pictures?

She is just so dang cute.

I sneaked this picture in during Sunday School one week. Can't get enough of those cuddles.

One Sunday, Norah requested seeing the "Jesus statue," so we headed to Temple Square.

 I didn't get my phone out quickly enough to capture it, but there was a sweet moment where Norah was the only one by the statue and was just looking up at Jesus. This is one of her favorite spots to visit.
And no kid can resist putting a hand in the reflection pond.

Yeah, super gross, I know. But this was so typical. If poop grosses you out, keep scrolling and don't read this next section. This boy would only poop about once every week or two (his record was 14 days), and then we would have a giant poop-slosion. The doctor said this is pretty normal for breastfed babies, but it was absolutely disgusting to deal with. Fortunately now that he's eating solids, we are past this.

We kept that kid in the bassinet way longer than we should have, but we didn't have much choice. We'd have it at the foot of our bed during the day and he'd nap in there, and then we'd put it in the family room at night so we wouldn't wake each other up. He was such a terrible sleeper then, though, that he slept in his swing half the time anyway.

 Some days, I was and still am only able to shower because Norah keeps Jack entertained for me. I'll set him up outside the bathroom, and Norah will bring the toys. He thinks his sister is the most entertaining person ever.

 It took Norah a while to actually want to hold Jack. She loved him from the start, but she's never been a big fan of babies in general. So when she started asked to hold him for the first time, I just about melted.

Trying out the crib. Sometimes he'd nap in there, but he cried so much in the night that it woke Norah up and we'd have two cranky kids the next day. Hence the bassinet for so long.

My dad's parents had their 60th wedding anniversary in September, and we had a big celebration for them at the Timbermine in Ogden. It started out as a pretty typical party but ended with a rousing reenactment of Rindercella (the princess who slopped her dripper), a Grandpa Max classic. Those in the play were asked to dress as ugly women, and boy did they deliver.

This is my brother Skyler, looking fabulous in my junior prom dress. You can't really tell from this picture, but his own son didn't recognize him and was struggling to be put down.

My dad, the gairy fodmother, and Skyler, an stugly epsister

 One weekend, Lambie got left at Grandma Kari's house and returned home with only one eye, thanks to Grandpa's dog Capone. It fell upon me to find a suitable replacement eye. Luckily I had a button that worked pretty well. It was either that or an eye patch to make Pirate Lambie.

Yet another zoo trip. We really loved taking advantage of the Zoo Nights for members only. It was cooler and less crowded and a lot of the animals were more active.

 These pictures of Norah with cousin Huey are just about the cutest things ever. They have so much fun together!

We had a sleepover at my parents' house another weekend, and I think the kids ended up going to bed around 11:30 and woke up about 6 the next morning. Norah was so cranky and so tired. She NEVER EVER EVER falls asleep anywhere but in a bed or occasionally her car seat. But she was so tired that the moment she walked in the door, she fell asleep on the floor.

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