Friday, January 8, 2016

Willie Day '15

I'm pretty sure I had a dream about Willie Day last night, so it seems fitting for me to be blogging about it today. If you're reading this, you probably have at least a vague idea of what Willie Day is, or that it at least has something to do with peaches. If you need a little refresher, click here. There have been rumors of a Willie Day book, so maybe I can offer that as an explanation next year.

This was to be our first Willie Day back in Utah and it fell on a Saturday, so we knew a trip to the original Willie tree was in order. We spent much of the day with the Durham family, since Chad is one of the original founders of the holiday and their family respects the tradition.

 We started with a BBQ at the Durhams' house. Willie Day miracle - Jack took a nap in Rich's arms.

We also made a pilgrimage to the Willie tree. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be in good shape and there was not a peach to be found.

Introducing the kids to the Willie tradition

Faithful Willie Day believers

And this isn't really Willie Day, but I did get to visit the former roomie Alex. Jack took to her instantly. And Norah fell in love with her roommate's dog instantly.

No huge miracles this year (those came last year - finding out we were pregnant with Jack and Rich getting an interview with Fanzz), but we definitely felt the love. I hope you all ate your peaches!

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