Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Baby at Home

I remember getting more rest in the hospital with Norah. Jack, though, kept us up for most of the two nights we were there. By the time we got home, all I could think about doing was sleep. Jack actually did better/is still doing better at nights than Norah did at first, so I'll take it. But we were definitely exhausted at first. (Yeah, I'm still tired. For someone who was getting 8 hours basically every night, a newborn is a big change.)

Right after we got home from the hospital and before my mom brought Norah back, I crashed. I didn't even take the time to remove my hospital bracelet.

Norah has been really good with Jack. I was a little afraid she would just ignore him because she's never shown much interest in babies (not including dolls). But she was excited to have him home and is a really good helper.

Sleep. Whenever. Wherever.

That first time you have two kids in your backseat is a little surreal. It also fills up your car really quickly.

He actually fit in newborn clothes for about a month. Longer than I expected!

Jack got to cuddle up in Norah's old girly blankets for a little while. Luckily, he has his own boy blanket now.

Tummy time. I think he's actually gotten worse at picking his head up... 

Our double stroller's maiden voyage. We made it to the mailbox and back before it started to rain, but it's been used plenty since then.

This is our back patio. One of Jack's first nights home, we got a crazy rainstorm (just as a friend from church was dropping off a meal for us, too). We started to notice that our patio was filling up, and then the water level started getting awfully close to coming into our apartment and our storage closet outside. There is a drain in the center of the patio, but it couldn't handle all that water (and all those blossoms). Rich quickly ran out with our mop bucket to bail us out. Those are my boots, which explains why they don't actually fit him, and why they look so girly. Luckily, no water made it into the storage closet and just a little into the apartment, which dried quickly. This has happened a couple times since. This summer, we don't seem to be getting gentle rain, which our patio can handle with the drain. It seems to be a crazy downpour every time instead!

Scripture reading with friends.

I love going in to peek at Norah after she's fallen asleep. Sometimes we find her in crazy positions and just have to take a picture.

 Sleepy smiles

My relief society gave us this blanket for Jack

I love this picture of him.

We went to my parents' house for a family get together, and Norah got to have fun with her cousins. Cohen and Huey are two of her favorite people ever.

Cuddle time

 I love watching a newborn sleep.

I do love how cuddly newborns are, and it's amazing to watch how much they change everyday. But is it wrong for me to say that I'm kind of glad we're past that now? I know I should enjoy every stage because they go so fast, but I think the newborn stage is the hardest on me.

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