Thursday, July 16, 2015

Squishy Boy

My favorite word to describe Jack is "squishy." He's got so much more chunk on him than Norah ever did, so he just looks squishy to me. Especially those cheeks and thighs.

Rich captured some newborn pictures of our squishy guy. You'll probably be able to tell he's loving having a boy (sports, sports, sports).

(Also, I'm noticing how Jack looks kind of yellow in some of these pictures. He had a little jaundice, and I forgot how much it affected his color!)

 Double chin!

Norah loves to kiss her brother. It's really sweet, except when she wants to wake him up. All the time.

 Seriously. are those cheeks squishy or what?!

I think you can guess whose idea the Mariners background was.

Rich didn't love that I chose the double chin picture for his announcement. But I love it. 

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