Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Norah Turns 3

Oh man, I'm way behind again. Having a baby will do that to you, I guess. Here's to hoping I can catch up!

I knew Norah's birthday would be pretty laidback this year, considering Jack arrived just over a week before. And Norah was really chill about it, too. We did try our best to celebrate her, even with a newborn in tow.

 Norah's only real requests for her birthday were pink and purple balloons. I'm glad she was easy to please. She got to walk out to balloons in the morning and wouldn't let us get rid of them for literally weeks (and they stayed inflated that long, too).

While Rich went to work, we spent the day playing whatever Norah wanted (so not really different from every other day).

Norah got to choose her birthday dinner. "Chick-a-Lay," she calls it.

I should have made a cake, but I was still figuring out the two-kid thing and could rarely put Jack down. So, Smith's came through in the cake department.

 She picked out this slice of red velvet cake (because it had a flower on it), and it was actually pretty tasty. I just love the look of pure joy on her face right here. See? Easy to please.

 She was pretty happy with her gifts, too (although I must say Despicable Me Trouble was a bit of a bust because she's still too little to understand the rules). She absolutely loves anything Muppets, so we got her Muppets Most Wanted (that's what we picked up from Best Buy on the way to the hospital to have Jack). We've watched that movie at least once a week since.

I planned a little get-together with family for the Saturday after Norah's birthday. The plan was to meet at a park to do cake and presents and then let the kids play on the playground. As it turned out, this happened to be the rainiest May in Utah's history, so that plan fell through. In the end, we met at our apartment (and it was PACKED) for cake and presents and then headed to Kangaroo Zoo for a little bounce house time. It turned out really well and still required little for me to plan.

Norah loved being sung to and opening presents, and she really had fun at Kangaroo Zoo with her cousins, some of her favorite people in the world. (I unfortunately got no pictures at Kangaroo Zoo.)

I'm so glad Norah was so chill about her birthday this year. I promise I'll do more next year. Hopefully I'll have the two-kid thing figured out a little better by then. (Actually, maybe we'll just do a double birthday party. The joys of having two kids so close together.)

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