Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Madison's Blessing

I know it sounds ridiculous, but one of the main reasons I haven't posted in so long is that I've been waiting to get pictures from Rich's phone. And it's taken me this long to remember. I finally got them last night, so let's get some posting done (as much as I can before baby boy decides to make his arrival).

At the end of March, we made a weekend trip to Provo to spend time with the Wings and the Harrisons and to attend Madison's blessing. We're sad that both the Wings and Harrisons will be leaving Utah VERY soon, so it was fun to spend time with them.

After arriving in Provo, and a lot of deliberation, we ended up at a park to have a picnic dinner, fly kites, play tennis, and play on the playground. I couldn't resist how adorable Norah and Kelsey were together, so fascinated by the kite. Best $4 investment ever.

Holding the star of the weekend, little Miss Madison

Playtime in Kelsey's room turned into a disaster zone. Something about getting these two girls together really brings out the crazy side of Norah. She goes into full-on tornado mode.

We spent the night at the Harrisons' house, and they made us waffles in the morning (thanks for the spoiling, Andrea and Jed!). Then it was over to the blessing.

All of the Nelson clan that could make it to the blessing

Such a doll! I still can't believe all of her hair and the adorable chubbiness. Norah was bald and skinny (and I imagine baby boy will be, too), so the two Wing baby girls have been so opposite of what I'm used to.

Kelsey absolutely loves her baby sister. I love being around them because Kelsey often stops what she's doing to give Madison loves (sometimes she goes a little overboard with them, but it's still absolutely adorable). I hope Norah has been watching and learning from her cousin, although I feel like she's just kind of going to ignore her brother for the first month or so.

I'm so glad we were able to make it to Madison's blessing, such a special day for the Wing family! It made me so excited for our little boy to get here. I wish the waiting was over already!

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