Friday, May 8, 2015

March Photo Drop

I love these photo drop posts because I don't have to think of a theme for them. My life doesn't really run by theme.

We pulled out our video camera to see what was on there (and soon realized we don't do enough videos). Most of what was there was of Norah, so she had fun cozying up like this to watch the show.

We had some playtime with cousin Cohen while his mom, dad, and baby brother looked for a new car. I think of all her cousins, Norah plays best with Co. Probably because he's just young enough to still let her boss him around.

I caught this video of my belly one day. This little boy is a crazy mover! Nowadays he's completely run out of room, so my belly doesn't move quite like this anymore.

Girls' night out to Chessecake Factory. Khloe was a pretty good sport about letting Norah totally invade her space to watch a show while waiting for our dinner.

 There's a pretty fun playground we like to hit up in North Salt Lake. Sometimes, Rich is the biggest kid there. Rich: "This would make such a great obstacle course!" Shara: "Please don't injure yourself."

Taking daddy to work one morning. Of course, Lambie had to come. She LOVES her Lambie. She comes just about everywhere with us.

Date night at the Jazz game!

And a family date night to Johnny Rocket's. Norah had just gone to a birthday party that day where she made that stuffed dog (now lovingly named Woofio), so we had to bring him everywhere that day.

 Norah just looked at what I was doing and said, "That's me having a messy, pink cupcake face!"

32 1/2 weeks pregnant. How did I think was huge then?! It's amazing how much that belly can grow by the end!

Norah has great race style, don't you think?

I absolutely love this picture. This was from a trip to Kangaroo Zoo, which Norah calls "Kangaweed Zoo" for some reason.

You have to get creative to keep a two-year-old happy at Costco.

One Saturday in March, our water heater completely stopped working. We called our maintenance guy and he ended up having to replace the whole thing, So, I headed over to Skyler and Courtney's to take a shower while our water was off. Skyler won the title of favorite uncle (at least for a couple days) when he took Norah and her cousins on a bike ride to 7-Eleven. I'm pretty sure every two-year-old would agree that there are few things better than Slurpees and Cheetos.

 Norah's first Jazz game! We had a set of upper bowl tickets that we didn't think we'd be able to use since we couldn't get a babysitter when Rich realized he could bring Norah and not feel guilty for leaving early because the tickets were free! I love Fanzz.

The last time I attempted to paint my toenails, and the first time I attempted to paint Norah's. Neither were perfect, but Norah was ecstatic!

So, I always knew that learning to ride a bike was hard, but I never really realized that you have to learn to ride a tricycle, too. You don't just automatically understand pedaling. And it's even harder when the pedals are just barely too far for you to easily reach. This is going to be her summer to learn, though!

 Kite flying

Ugh. Bedtime (the whole process that goes along with it) is the worst. We often have some stuffed guest joining scripture study to pacify the little one. Too bad that only works about a third of the time.

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