Saturday, May 9, 2015

Easter Weekend

We spent Easter weekend at my parents' house, and it was a lot of fun. We went up on Saturday for festivities with cousins and then stayed the night for Easter Sunday.

I always love my mom's Easter plans. The last Easter we spent with my family (in 2009), this happened:

Needless to say, we were pretty excited. Oh, and about spending time with the family, too, obviously!

Of course, we also know things have changed a bunch, too, because there was only one grandchild at that point and he lived in Kentucky, Now there are 8 (almost 9!), so we were looking forward to all of the fun with the family.

Then the fun started with the egg hunt! First, it was the grandkids' chance. Norah cleaned up in the bushes!

All of the grandkids with their loot (except Beck, who, at 3 months old, wasn't too interested)

Then we had the adult egg hunt, of which I unfortunately caught no pictures. Each couple had a certain color they could hunt, which helped keep things even (slow, pregnant me appreciated this leveling factor). It was a great hunt!

After the hunt, we sat down to feast. My dad smoked plenty of meat for the occasion (including turkey, brisket, and ribs), and there was a TON of other food, too. So delicious!

After the hunt and dinner, everybody else left to spend Easter at their own homes, except us. We spent the night, and Norah got to see what the Easter Bunny brought her at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

 She was super excited to see that he remembered to bring her a princess wand, something she was desperate to have since seeing it at the store a few weeks before.

Quick question: Is the Easter Bunny kind of like Santa? Does he only fill your basket if you've been good? Because that's totally what Norah thinks now.

We watched the Sunday General Conference sessions with my parents. Norah decided she needed to learn to crochet with Grandma Kari.

 My parents' house used to be my dad's parents' house. I remember playing with this rotary phone on the wall in the basement back in the day when we'd come to visit, just like all of the grandkids still do now.

After some more Conference and yummy turkey soup for dinner, we headed back to our house.

I know this is pretty silly, but I was a little disappointed General Conference was on Easter weekend this year. Wait until you hear the reason. Because I made Norah's Easter dress and wanted her to wear it to church on Easter Sunday. And, to make things worse (in my mind), I somehow missed the memo that the Sunday before was the one for Easter outfits, at least from what I saw on Facebook.

So, to attempt to make up for this, we stopped at a park on the way home to take a couple pictures of Norah in her dress. It didn't work out like I planned - Norah wasn't in the mood, it was too windy, and we didn't have the scenery I wanted. But, here's what we got anyway.

The pictures didn't really turn out, but the dress sure did! I've used this pattern before and absolutely loved it, and it went even better for me this time.

We sure did have a great Easter weekend! It was lots of fun with a two-year-old who now really understands how much fun holidays can be!

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