Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rudy Gobert

I know I've said it before, but I really love that Rich works for Fanzz. So many fun perks! Most of them are (obviously) sports-related, which is absolutely perfect for Rich. And me, too, since after 6 years of marriage his passion has rubbed off on me more than I usually admit.

A couple weeks ago, they hosted a signing with Rudy Gobert from the Jazz at their store in Fashion Place Mall. Norah and I tagged along with Rich to see what we could see. As an employee, he ended up getting to go behind the scenes, and Norah and I did, too. Super cool!

The line to get to the signing table was crazy long. It zigzagged through as much of the center of the mall as they would allow and then continued in the Fanzz NFL store (diagonal from the main Fanzz store).

We thought you wouldn't even be able to get into the store unless you were in the signing line, but you could actually go in and shop and catch a glimpse of Rudy at the table.

 After the signing was done, Rudy had a little time to shop and look around the store. I realized how just tall he really is (7'2") once he stood up to look around. It was crazy to see how far he had to bend over to look at things that were practically eye level for me.

The Fanzz crew of the night, with Rudy

Rich with Rudy Gobert. That's about a 1'4" height difference!

I wasn't planning on going with Rich to the signing, but I'm glad I did, if only to witness how crazy tall he is! Rich was able to get a signed picture from him, too, which we need to frame before something happens to it.

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