Tuesday, March 17, 2015

February Photo Drop

I'm too nervous to watch the BYU-Ole Miss game right now, so I'm going to blog instead. Too bad I'm still in the same room as the TV, and Rich is still watching and reacting to the game.

Here are some leftover pictures from February that don't really fit anywhere else.

We did Super Bowl Sunday with my family. I didn't really care about the game (though I was, of course, rooting for the Seahawks), but the food and company were great.

I got to hold new baby Beck. Oh, I'm so ready for my baby boy to get here.

 Norah and Cohen, watching Co's favorite movie, "Wreck-It Ralph." Thanks to him, that's now on the top of Norah's list, too.

I love pictures of napping Norah because they are so rare nowadays. This is from February 2nd, her most recent nap (not including ones in the car).

26 1/2 weeks pregnant. I thought I was so huge in this picture, but 6 weeks later I'm still growing (and growing and growing and growing).

 Early in the month, we met Cami and Kelsey for an Ikea trip. I didn't need (or buy) anything, but it's so fun to walk around. And these two girls have so much fun together.

February brought us some incredible weather (which I know we're going to regret when the summer drought starts). But we still enjoyed the park, jacket-free!

Another zoo trip! This time Rich got to come with us.

Rich loves balsamic vinegar. One dinner, Norah saw Rich putting it on his broccoli, and she decided right then that she wanted it and that she would love it. It's definitely an acquired taste, so it took some getting used to. (Now, she really does love it. We had broccoli again tonight and I gave her some vinegar to dip it in. So she started dipping her fingers in it and licking it off. Crazy child.)

It just doesn't get any cuter than this to me.

We had a self-declared Frozen day. It started with Frozen cereal (not worth it - Norah suckered me into buying it, and she's not even interested in it anymore, despite the marshmallows), then putting on the Anna dress and doing our Frozen puzzle, and, finally (obviously) watching the movie.

Okay, I have no idea where this dancing came from, but it's hilarious! And, no, we don't normally listen to this music around our place. Blame Pandora.

Little Miss Kayla's first birthday party. Such a cutie!

Sleeping in style on the way home from the party. I don't know how that's comfortable, but that's how she likes to ride in the car (and apparently sleep, too).

Baby Madison, another baby to make me ready for ours

I was working on something on the computer, and I looked over to see I was missing this adorable moment. She loves her tiara and her books. (She will literally wear that tiara all day, even out in public. And I let her because that's one fight I don't want to have.)

Grandma Nelson came down to help the Wings with baby Madison, and we were so happy to spend some time with her. She spent the night at our house (twice, actually), and Norah had so much fun showing her the fires and water show at Station Park and taking her to Apollo Burger for dinner.

Technically this picture is from March, but it happened while Grandma was here. Grandma came to church with us, and she helped Norah do her hair. Despite what Norah's face shows, she actually thought it was the funniest thing ever. (She was just not in the mood to be told to smile for a picture.)

That's all for February! Pretty soon March will be in the books, too. And, once it's April, I can officially say the baby will be here next month! Getting closer!

(Dang. BYU lost. Now my only choice is to cheer against Kentucky. Sorry Ryan and Jed.)

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