Thursday, February 19, 2015

January Zoo Trip

Norah and I have been going crazy being shut up in the house all day. Rich takes the car to work, so we're stuck home most days. But, if I plan ahead, we can take Rich to work and actually get out for a day.

On one of our lucky days in January, we met up with Cami and Kelsey at the Hogle Zoo. My mom gave Rich, Norah, and me a pass for Christmas, so it was lots of fun to go check out what the zoo is like in the winter (though it's hardly been a normal winter here). It was actually a free day at the zoo so it was PACKED with strollers (including ours), but it was still lots of fun.

 These two together. I love it. And they love each other. So much that they couldn't ride in separate strollers but had to be squished into one.

Checking out the seals and seal lions. This was probably the favorite exhibit of the day because the sea lions kept darting past us, while the seal swam around in lazy circles.

So, while I was prepping for the day, I was about to put Norah in a pull-up just to be safe. But, no, I thought. She's been doing so well with potty training. She hasn't had an accident in two weeks. She'll be fine!

Wrong. Obviously I wouldn't be telling this if that's how it actually went.

We were stopped for our picnic lunch, and, all of a sudden, Norah gets that look on her face. The look I've only ever seen her make when she's had an accident. Uh oh. Well, at least we were outside on plastic chairs, so the mess was easy to clean up.

And, good thing I always have an extra pair of clothes in the diaper bag.

Wrong again.

I hadn't changed out the extra set of clothes from church the previous Sunday, so all I had was a sleeveless dress and a pair of tights. It's been a warm January, but it was still only in the upper 40s outside, not exactly plain tights weather. Well, tights are better than no pants at all, so that's what we went with. Tights and a t-shirt. Luckily her coat was long enough that it looked like she could possibly be wearing a dress. And I had a blanket for her to bundle up in when she was in the stroller.

Oh, potty training.

You can see the tights in my last pictures.

But, on a side note, potty training really is going well. She has definitely had her share of accidents, but she's pretty much got it down. Even at nighttime, too! I'm so happy she took to it easily. Pregnant me probably wouldn't have been able to handle it if she'd made it hard.

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