Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Christmas 2014

Norah absolutely loved this past Christmas season. She really started to understand who Santa Claus is, though we definitely need to work on the true meaning of Christmas next time around. We tried to tell her about baby Jesus and the first Christmas, but I can understand how that's a difficult story for a young mind to understand.

Here's a little picture recap of our yuletide fun!

Each year, each family member gets to choose a new ornament for the tree. Here are this year's additions:

Rich's and mine (Technically Rich got a couple this year, thanks to Fanzz, including a Seattle Supersonics one that I didn't get picture of.)

We were on our ward's Christmas party planning committee this year. It turned out to be a pretty fun party, and Norah was super excited about Santa.

Here's last year's picture for comparison. So different! (I really do love this picture, though!)

She finally got over being star struck to tell him what she wanted.

Norah with Uncle Brian and my cousin Corwyn at the Burnham Christmas party. We got to see lots of family and had great food and a fun White Elephant exchange (but this was the only picture I got!).

 This was at the Fredrickson Christmas party on Christmas Eve. Somehow, every year on Christmas Eve, Santa has been able to take a break from delivering gifts to stop by this party. I don't know how he does it!

Christmas morning at our house. This was the first time for our family having Christmas morning by ourselves. It was pretty fun because we could just focus on our own little family.
 Norah got her kitchen, and she was so excited about it!

 More present opening. Santa brought Rich a really good pack of baseball cards this year, and, thanks to Grandma and Poppa Nelson, Norah finally got a doctor kit, something we'd been talking about getting her since before we left Spokane. She gives at least 4 checkups every day, now.

We went to the Kirtleys' house Christmas afternoon for some more fun time with cousins. I wasn't in the mood to have my phone on me, so this was the only picture I got. Which is incredibly adorable.

One last picture. Thanks to Aunt Christine, Norah got some fun dress up clothes for Christmas, and she's had tons of fun with them. And, thanks to my parents, Rich and I got a new portrait lens for our camera. This was just me playing with it a little. I love it so much. I really should try to take some nice pictures of Norah before things get too crazy with baby around here.

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