Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finishing Up 2014

Okay, last post about last year.

Our anniversary is December 27th, and, as a testament of how little of a fuss we throw about it, we didn't even get a picture on that day. We did manage to get a date night in, thanks to my parents watching Norah for us. We went to Red Robin (not exactly romantic but my fave) and a movie ("Into the Woods" - obviously not Rich's choice but I loved it). Thanks, Mom and Dad!

We stayed at my parents' house that night so we could go to a birthday party for our nephew Logan in North Ogden the next day. We did manage to get some pictures there.

First, this is Norah with my dad's dog, Capone. I like this dog well enough, until he starts to nip. But Norah would play with him all day long if she could. She doesn't mind playing tug of war with him if he's up for it. He was practically dragging her across the floor here, and she LOVED it.

My mom was preparing a salad to bring to the birthday party, and Norah kept sneaking bites of the veggies. She's not the biggest veggie eater out there, but now I know how to get her to eat them. Leave Grandma Kari in charge.

 At Logan's party, enjoying some delicious cake. The birthday boy knew just what to do with it (and I think Huey did, too).

Carrie's kids came over to play one morning. I love how much fun Norah and Huey have together. Sometimes they like to push each other's buttons, but they're getting along better and better each time they hang out.

We also got to take a trip to Kangaroo Zoo. I love this place, especially because Norah can now officially do everything there without any help.

For some reason, this kid latched onto Norah during this visit. I have no idea who he is, but he would wait for Norah at the top of the slide (for a long time, too) just to go down with her. Norah certainly didn't mind!

Helping me make salsa. Yes, it must be done in princess heels.

We also got a new washer and dryer after Christmas because our old dryer sounded like thousands of nails going across a blackboard when running. I was all for throwing out the box, but trust a dad to make into a fun little play house.

And, finishing up the year, we spent New Year's Eve at the Nelsons' house in West Jordan. (I should say, New Year's Eve and Scott's birthday.)
 This little girl stayed up until 11. She would have made it to midnight if I had let her, but I had to put my foot down. Also, I love Rich's face in the picture on the left. No idea what was happening here, but the I caught a great goofy face.

 I attempted a Big Top Cupcake again. Norah chose the frosting, so Scott got a purple cake. I think I'm just about done with these. They never really taste that good, even though it looked kind of cool (before we cut into it). I'd rather have a boring old rectangle cake with ice cream on the side.

I know, it looks so appetizing on the inside.

Hooray! My posts will now be about the right year!

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