Friday, February 20, 2015

January Photo Drop

On New Year's Day, we took Norah to see her very first movie in the theater. (Of course, the only way I would let this happen was if she took a nap. I did not want to find out how bad a movie could go with a toddler who only got 8 hours of sleep the night before.) My sister had been raving about "Big Hero 6," so we decided on that one. We underestimated how busy the theaters would be, though, and ended up in Farmington and not Bountiful as intended.

 I was nervous about how she would act, but she did great! She sat on Rich's lap for most of it because she was too light to keep her chair from popping up on her.

 Kelsey came to see us one Sunday, after Rich and Norah had decorated her cardboard house. They loved playing in it together.

She seriously loved this thing.

Norah got lots of puzzles for Christmas, and for a while we had to pull out all of the puzzles and spread them out all over the floor. She's kind cooled down on them lately, but for a while we basically had no floor space in our front room.

The things kids learns from their dads. She thought this was the most hilarious thing.

Hooray for the Heaths! They were in town for a wedding, so we made sure to get together with them, even if it was only for lunch. Norah and Alivia wasted no time getting right back to being besties.

This face

My dad has a tax/financial planning practice, so this is the busiest time of year for him. I volunteered to do a little work for him, and Norah tagged along. I was there for about 6 hours one day, and she was seriously amazing. She played with puzzles, watched movies, colored. I couldn't believe how good she was!

One night, pregnancy got the best of me and I had absolutely no desire to make dinner. I was just not feeling it at all. So we went to Apollo Burger. And it was delicious!

Potty training really has gone well for us, but, for a while, Norah insisted on a story every time she sat on the potty. Now we've pretty much limited it to when she needs to go #2.

I watched Lola and Huey one day, and Carrie let me borrow her van to take them to McDonald's. Play places are one of the best inventions ever.

Fanzz put together a night where their employees could play on the ESA floor. Rich had a great time!

More play time with the Kirtleys. And they had to take every book off the shelf.

We went to City Creek one night, and, as we were getting ready to head home, Norah decided she really needed to go potty. We were by the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and thought it would be easy to find one in there. In the end, we ended up on the top floor, where she was finally able to go. I'm glad she was able to hold it! And then we had to check out the view, which really is amazing.

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