Thursday, December 4, 2014

Manito Park

Still so far behind! Here's a quick post of mostly pictures.

If you're ever in Spokane in the summertime, you have to visit Manito Park. The flowers there are absolutely gorgeous. We visited one last time on a Saturday afternoon in August before we moved. Such a beautiful place!

 Holy cow! This seems like so long ago. Like pre-pigtail days for Norah (pigtails are now basically the only way I can do Norah's hair these days).

The skirt Norah's wearing is actually a size 6-12 months. She's such a skinny thing! I can tell now that it was getting a too short for her here, but I loved this skirt so much that I had a hard time packing it away.

 My limited photography skills hardly to the flowers at Manito justice. 

 People always tell me that Norah talks a lot. At first I didn't realize it, but she REALLY DOES. Since this was a few months ago, there's still a little bit more gibberish than we get nowadays. But she usually has something to say. She is a TALKER. I just love how she goes ON and ON and ON in this video!

There's this fun little fenced part of Manito, the Japanese gardens. That's my favorite part. There's a pond with lots of koi fish, beautiful plants native to Japan, and a little waterfall.

 I swear Rich came with us. He just happened to be behind the camera for all of these.

Seriously, check out Manito if you get a chance. Such a pretty place.

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