Tuesday, December 16, 2014

July & August Photo Drop

Part of my catch up game is going to be a couple posts where I dump some pictures that don't really fit anywhere else. All of these are from before we left Spokane.

Rich can sleep through so much, including Norah "helping" him with blankets.

 Dads are so much better at play time.

Play date with bestie Alivia

Norah started fighting nap time something fierce this summer, and we've basically given up on it now. For a little while, we were able to get away with quiet time with books. I loved when I'd walk in and see it had turned into nap time.

Cuddles with daddy

Norah has to be just about the most ticklish child on earth.

The Spokane Mission did what they called a social media blitz. One Saturday, they had members follow the missionaries around and take pictures of what real Mormon missionaries do on an average day. I had the opportunity to spend a couple hours with our sisters. It was a really great experience, especially because we had such great sisters. They lived in the same building as us, and it was fun to get to know them.

Doug and Edie went out of town right when one of their peach trees started coming on, so I was enlisted to can the peaches for them. I have NEVER canned ANYTHING before, and I'm proud to say this was a major success. All of 40 or so my jars sealed, and they tasted delicious!

More of the besties

One of those days where we got a nap. And I love her post-nap face and hair here.

 Multi-stake softball tourney. I must say we had the cutest little cheerleader.

This is also from the softball tourney. Norah has this way of recruiting girls who are little older than her to entertain her. That group of girls in the background ended up taking her all over the fields, playing whatever game she wanted. (I wish I had the enthusiasm of an 8-year-old, where follow the leader for the umpteenth time still sounds fun.)

 I remember that I could not get enough of her this day. Her outfit and hair were just too adorable.

She thought she looked good, too. Before I caught this video, Norah came up to me and said, "I look fabrious [fabulous]!" I don't know where she heard that! Of course, I had to get her to say it again.

Squeaky shoes. Unfortunately (yeah right), they are too small for her now.

Pig Out in the Park at Riverfront Park. We knew we were leaving Spokane at this point, and I had never been to this yearly festival, so I made Rich take us. It's worth going to once, and the food was pretty good. My favorite part were these pumpkin doughnuts. So good!

 I saw this tutorial for this adorable skirt, and I really wanted to attempt it for Norah. She was more than willing to model for me. She loves the camera.

Oh. My. Gosh. These two. (For the wedding video in 20 years, right?)

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