Sunday, December 7, 2014

Seattle Day Trip

Once Rich and I knew we would be leaving Spokane, we decided we needed to get to Seattle one last time for a Mariners game. Who knows when we'll get the next chance?

So, we dropped Norah off at Rich's parents' house on a Friday night and left early Saturday morning for the 4(ish)-hour drive to Seattle. It's a pretty boring, and rather unattractive, drive. I'm sorry if you happen to live or like the central part of Washington, but, frankly, it's ugly. It's sandwiched between Seattle, which is obviously lush and green and wet, and Spokane, which is gorgeously covered in pine trees even though the weather is much drier than the west side of the state. Central Washington, though, doesn't have much to offer. There's almost literally a line where the trees end going west from Spokane, and it's just brown. Blech. (I'm basing this opinion solely off of what you see on I-90. There is definitely more to central Washington than what you can see from the freeway, so I may be completely wrong.)

This is one of my favorite parts of the drive. There's a town called George. And it's in Washington. As in George, Washington. I appreciate the sense of humor of the person who named it.

You can't tell from this picture, but it was a typical rainy Seattle day when we got there. We decided to attend a temple session since we were over there. I'd never been to the Seattle temple before - it reminded me a lot of Provo and Ogden (pre-renovation).

After the temple session, we had some lunch and hung out for a little bit before heading to Safeco Field for the game. We got there and the roof was closed over the field because of the drizzle.

 We got there pretty early, just like Rich wanted, so we got to soak up the environment. And smell the garlic fries. Seriously, that was like the only thing I could smell the whole time. Luckily I wasn't pregnant at this time, so the smell was incredibly tempting and not nauseating.

And, it was Felix Bobblehead Night. We might have planned specifically to attend this game just for the bobblehead. (Oh, yeah, and to see the Nationals with Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper.)

Like I said before, the roof was closed when we got to the field, but they opened it up right before the game started. It was kind of cool to see how the retractable roof works in person.

(It started to drizzle again before the game was through, though, so they ended up closing the roof again.)

 Pre-game selfies. We got there really early.

Us and some of the Seattle skyline

The rest are pictures of players. I asked Rich to choose which ones he wanted to put on here, but he told me to do it, so this is what you get (sorry if it's not what you wanted, Rich).

Mariners warming up

Stephen Strasburg

Bryce Harper

 Felix Hernandez watching the game, unfortunately not pitching on his bobblehead night

 Dustin Ackley

Yeah, we had over a hundred more pictures from the game, but they all kind of started to look the same as I went through them. So, if you want to see more, you'll have to ask Rich.

The Mariners were unable to pull off the win that night, although we did get to see people put on their rally caps, which I had no idea was a thing (Rich is probably thinking he's failed me now) but was fun to be a part of. We really had fun going to our last Mariners game as Washingtonians.

We headed home after the game and split the late-night driving. We finally pulled into our parking lot around 2:30 a.m. (for once I was grateful to have church at 1:30 the next day), and Edie dropped Norah off the next morning. That was the first time Norah had really spent the night away from us, (the only other time was when Rich and I got the flu and she spent the night at Doug and Edie's, but I don't feel like that really counts). I think she had lots of fun with some last one-on-one time with Grandma and Poppa.

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