Monday, December 29, 2014

Riverside Labor Day

One Spokane tradition I'm going to miss a lot is "cheap chicken" at Riverside State Park. A couple times a year, Doug and Edie would get some fried chicken from Albertson's (which is on sale on Monday nights, hence the nickname "cheap chicken"), and we'd pack up our picnic supplies for a meal at Riverside. It was a great chance to enjoy some of Spokane's beauty and each other's company (not to mention that I absolutely love fried chicken). Our last cheap chicken in the park night was on Labor Day before we moved.

Why is it that as soon as you cut corn off the cob it is no longer delicious? At least in a two-year-old's mind.

I know that this is a sturdy bridge and all, but part of me still freaks out when she leans against the railing like this.

Throwing rocks into the water

Rich kind of had me freaking out, too. He decided to walk out as far into the river as he could on rocks. I just kept waiting for him and hundreds of dollars of camera to fall in. But I forgot that he isn't the clumsy one of the family.

I absolutely love this picture of us.

Utah has lots of great outdoor spots perfect for picnics, too. We'll need to scout them out around Bountiful when things warm up. But what I'm really going to miss is the company we had for our cheap chicken picnics.

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