Thursday, December 18, 2014

Green Bluff Peaches

I feel like peach season in Spokane started a little earlier this year and lasted a little longer than usual, which was perfectly fine with me. Freshly picked peaches are my favorite fruit, probably because you can really only get them for such a short amount of time each year, making them all that more special.

We decided to hit up Green Bluff in late August to take advantage of pick-them-yourselves peaches. I hope you're prepared for a serious Norah overload here because I could not pick favorites.

I love Norah's face here. "Mom, why aren't you picking?"

We had to give this one some lessons on how to be gentle with the peaches. "You can't just throw them in the bucket!"

This daddy is making sure his little girl has an appropriate love of peaches and all things Willie Day (for a little more info about this wonderful holiday, visit this link).

Muscles, obviously
 We took over the peach carrying soon after this to protect our precious peaches.

Be still, my heart.

Told you, Norah overload. But these pictures are just way too cute!

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