Saturday, November 2, 2013

What Does the Fox Say?

If you just started singing a certain song when you read this post title, you'll understand our inspiration for Norah's costume this year. If not, here's what you've been missing:

I have always loved foxes, and I really want a pet fox. Since I don't have a couple thousand bucks just sitting around right now, turning my daughter into a little fox was the next best alternative. When I saw the fox costume at Carter's, I was immediately sold.

And, from the moment we showed Norah her costume, she fell in love with it, too. I was doomed for the day if I let her see it. If she did, she had to put it on.

 Sometimes I just let her wear it over her other clothes, rather than fight the tantrum if she wasn't allowed to put it on.

Norah had lots of opportunities to wear her costume this year. This was at the ward party. Norah only gives hugs to a select few, and Alivia has made the list. I love that she's making friends!

We thought it would be fun to carve pumpkins with Norah, but she was not interested in the pumpkin guts (she's already a bit of a neat freak). So, we put on "Monsters, Inc." for her, which is quickly becoming her favorite movie (if I had the desire/know-how, she would have been Boo for Halloween instead). Our pumpkins turned out pretty good this year, thanks to those carving kits and patterns.

Our friends, John and Victoria Colver,and their son Evan invited us to his Halloween party. These kids were so adorable (unfortunately I didn't get any pics while the Hopkins were there with their cute little girls). Again, it was so fun to see Norah learning how to make friends.


We spent Halloween evening and dinner with Poppa Nelson, who's home alone while Grandma is visiting brand new cousin Zack in South Dakota.

This hardly does it justice, but when she'd walk her little tail would wag and it was ridiculously cute. 

And then we got to take her trick or treating. We went to a couple friends' houses, and I think she really enjoyed it. She especially loved the houses that had dogs. And, when she was given candy, she would try to give it back. I doubt she'll do that next year.


Yeah, that was a lot of pictures. Well, I started with over a hundred possible ones to post, so be glad I was able to cut it down this much! And, when I look at how adorable she is as a fox, I'm not sorry at all.


  1. Shara, you are gorgeous, your daughter is adorable, and I miss you. I wish we could play!!!!!

  2. So pretty Shara! Motherhood fits you well!