Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pet Fox

I want a pet fox.

I have since my 11th grade AP Psychology teacher talked about people who were breeding foxes as pets. I had kind of forgotten about it until Rich's dad got a National Geographic featuring an article about a research facility that has been domesticating foxes since the late '50s. It was an interesting article, but it mainly just made me fall in love with foxes all over again.

One problem. They cost $6,950.

Yeah, we definitely don't have that hanging around the house. Heck, we don't even have a house!

One reason they cost so much because you have to import them all the way from Novosibirsk, Russia. But don't worry, the $6,950 includes to-your-door delivery. If you want to meet your fox before the adoption, you're going to have to go to Russia. But then, if you're buying a pet fox, you can probably afford that, too.

So, when I become a millionaire, I know what pet I will get. (No, I will not name him Todd like in "The Fox and the Hound.")

You can check out the website for the organization here.

I've already found the fox I want. Now I just need to find the money....

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  1. If I inherit a lot of money from a rich relative I didn't know I had, I will get a fox for you. (As long as I can visit it sometimes.) : )